Saturday, 22 December 2018

How to clean your rug after a spillage

It's the Christmas season and you are likely to have more visitors to your home than usual.  Whether that's a few neighbours gathering for a drink, the extended family for Christmas lunch or a full blown party on New Years Eve - more people tends to mean it's more likely there may be an accident.

Our best advice when it comes to looking after your rug, especially at a party is to take it up, roll it up and carefully store away until the revellers have left.  If however, that is not feasible, there are other ways to look after your rugs. 

Firstly, are you confident in asking your guests to remove their shoes inside?  Some people are and some people are not - you know your friends well, would they be offended?  If you can get people to take off their shoes, do so as it will keep any mud and dirt to a minimum. 


Accidents happen and for best results, act fast.   If you spill food on your rug, the first step should be trying to scrape it off using a plastic spatula, and then sponge the area with water to remove the rest of the stain.

If you spill liquid on the rug, use a clean, white, plain absorbent cloth or plain white paper towels to soak up the liquid and then dilute the stain with water.  BLOT excessive liquid - NEVER RUB and continue the process until as much as the stain as possible has been removed.

There are, of course, a variety of stain removal products on the market and if you want to use one of these, test it first on a corner of the rug, preferably one that is out of sight.  Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and less is better than more.

If you have an expensive rug, we advise having it professionally cleaned by an expert in Oriental or Persian rug care.

You can find more information on general rug care here.

Have a great time!

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