Friday, 8 February 2019

Create the perfect mood at home for romance

Although St Valentine’s Day only lasts for 24 hours there is no reason why  romantics out there can’t make an effort and turn your home into the perfect environment for showing your loved one how much you care.

Of course, we are not suggesting you spend a fortune in transforming your home for one day only – it’s all about short term additions that will create the mood you are looking for.  One word of warning, don’t overdo it – you want your home to look classy rather than cheesy.

So, let’s assume your Valentine is coming home after a hard day’s work and has no idea what surprises you have in store.

Buy a heart shaped balloon and put it outside the front door – a hint of what’s to come.

Inside the hall, welcome him/her with a glass of their favourite tipple and tell them to enjoy it in the candle lit bubble bath you have prepared for them.

When they come downstairs, lead them into the kitchen or dining room where subtle lighting shows off the exquisitely dressed table – a red tablecloth, heart shaped confetti or rose petals and more candles.  Then you can both enjoy the fabulous meal you have prepared (or bought in – we won’t tell!).

After dinner, it’s time to move into the sitting room, where you can cuddle up on the new sheepskin rug that it now laid out in front of the fire.  You can enjoy the soft texture of the rug as you finish your wine and eat the Valentine chocolates as you gaze into the flame of the fire – or, watch your partner’s favourite romantic film or box set.

Next…… well, perhaps we’ll leave it there and let you finish your evening in private!

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