Sunday, 20 November 2016

Festive bedroom make over

Decorating a room for Christmas doesn't have to begin and end with the lounge or dining room.  Making a bedroom feel festive is great fun - especially a child's room.

First of all try to declutter - chances are there will be new toys coming into the room so this is a really good time of year to get rid of old toys they no longer play with.  Charity shops or even food banks would love your old toys.  

You could ask your children to make their own paper chains and decorations that you can pin on the ceiling or around their room and if they get their own Christmas cards from school - you can string them up on the walls.  Fairy lights are a must and you can can also buy miniature Christmas trees that you can stand on a desk or dressing table.

Many children get new pyjamas at Christmas and so how about some new bedding and a new rug to help with the festive make over.

At this time of year, budgets are already stretched but with our kids rugs available from £79 they are an affordable treat for most families.  And with dozens of designs to choose from, you are sure to find something your kids will love.

If you have children that share a bedroom, a rug is a great way to zone a room and clearly mark out territory – even more important when there are lots of shiny new toys and games on the way!  

Take a look at our selection of rugs and and order yours today.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Fireworks for the floor

We love Bonfire Night.  It's heralds the start of winter, it's often cold and usually raining(!) and it's probably the only time of year you can buy parkin and toffee apples in the supermarkets.

Even if you are not setting off your own fireworks or attending an official event, you can usually enjoy all the colours of somebody else's firework in the night sky - but we've selected a few of our most colourful rugs for those people who appreciate dazzling design and an explosion of colour.

The first two rugs are  taken from our Vibrance collection - which as the name suggests features contemporary rugs in vibrant colours. Available in numerous sizes and made from 100% wool, you won't find these rugs anywhere else - as they are exclusive to FrithRugs.  If you are looking for a statement rug - take at look at the full range.

The third rug is also a FrithRugs exclusive, taken from the Ella Claire Exclusive collection and  beautifully handmade in India using the finest wool with touches of viscose to enhance the colour and design. The smooth, plush pile is a joy to walk on. 

When you have such a wow accessory in any room, you should ensure that other pieces are more subtle.  However, the great thing about having a colourful rug is that you can take one or two colours from the rug to co-ordinate.  So for example, from rug one, you could choose blue and purple to accessorise with cushions and throws.  In the second rug, terracotta curtains and blue cushions would work well and in the third rug, pale blue would be the perfect complement.

Have a safe and enjoyable Bonfire Night!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Bonkers for Bollywood

Bollywood inspires not just fashion but our home interiors and you don’t need a huge budget to give your home a Bollywood makeover.   Let’ start with a rug – FrithRugs has numerous Indian rugs to choose from including classic deigns as well as kelims or plain coloured Dhurries – the term spoilt for choice springs to mind.
We offer a truly superb range of traditional Indian rugs for any budgets. For the true classicist, our Fine Indo Persian rug collection is sure to impress.  It offers exceptional detail thanks to the 250,000 intricate knots per square meter - a superb level of craftsmanship.   The Keshan collection uses designs from original Persian patterns – aside from our Indian rugs you can also buy these Keshan designs in convenient hall runner sizes and specifications.

The Indian Jaipur Silk Mix is a joy to both look at and walk on but if you are looking for Indian rugs to cover an area of busy footfall the Ziegler designs will fit the bill as they are created to be particularly hard wearing.   

But do you want modern Bollywood or classic?  Framed posters of a favourite Bollywood film are a good starting point – or how about stenciling dialogue on a wall or even on a print.  You can add a digital print to your cushions or even create clever posters
If you want more classic, opt for the classic rug and perhaps one piece of Indian furniture such as an Indian trunk that could be set against a plain wall.  Then on a shelf, you could add a brass of silver lamp or a finely detailed candlestick.  Another clever #Bollywood look would be to hang several tinted lanterns in a corner.

Have you got any other Bollywood ideas – let us know. 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

We love wool!

It’s #WoolWeek and we love to celebrate the wonder of wool which forms part of so many of our collections.  Persian nomads first started to use this fabulous natural fibre in the creation of rugs thousands of years ago - and since then it’s been a key part of rug design across numerous cultures.

According to The Campaign for Wool – you just cannot beat this fabulous fibre. It is 100% natural and totally renewable.  It is also biodegradable, and can be released back into the soil where it will decompose and release valuable nutrients back into the ground.

A 100% wool rug is a natural insulator and will help to keep your room lovely and cosy.  Its resilient and elastic fibres mean your rug won’t lose its shape giving your rug a long lifespan if properly cared for. This means keeping it away from direct sunlight and taking care of any spillages right away. You should also invest in suitable underlay to protect the back of the rug.

Your wool rug will even reduce floating dust in the atmosphere, as the fibres microscopic scales are able to trap and hold dust in the top layers until vacuumed away and we advise using a suction only vacuum cleaner once a week

FrithRugs offers a staggering collection or wool rugs across its collections including modern, shaggy and traditional designs.  Give your home the wow factor with a brand new wool rug and to learn more about the wonders of wool visit The Campaign for Wool website for even many incredible woolly facts.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

What's hot for autumn/winter?

Our friends over at Pantone have decreed the most up and coming colours for the new season.  We’ve selected our favourite shades from their suggestions.
Sharkskinor grey to you and I, is one of the most flexible colours you can choose for you home because it is such a neutral colour which will complement pretty much any other colour. It is also really modern and works well in a contemporary home.

Riverside and airy blue – navy and light blue – are also going to be popular.  We like dark blue when you want to add a touch of drama to a room – and we especially recommend it with white.  Pale blue will of course work with many other pastel colours and is a good shade for bedrooms.

Spicy mustard is a lovely uplifting and bright colour to have a home when the darker nights are drawing in.  This colour has a real elegance and if perfect for classic rooms – think drawing room or dining room.  Team it with red or deep pink.

If you want to see the full range of new season colours go to

Sunday, 18 September 2016

What's your style?

Silly question - but do you really know what your style is when it comes to home interiors?  We are inundated with images and advice on how to ‘dress’ and decorate our home – but sometimes this advice can be overwhelming. 

If you are planning on updating a room for the new season – before you start, ask a few questions about what your style actually is.  It’s all very well trying to replicate that image in a glossy magazine – but will it suit you?

Firstly, who lives in your home?  If you are a family with a dog – be honest, those clean, sleek minimal lines in shades of white are really not going to work for you.  However, comfortable furnishings and warm colors probably would.
If you are single person with the occasional visitor, you probably won’t need lots of storage and can afford to have some expensive things like a traditonal rug on display.
Ask what your family is interested in?  Love colour?  Like animals? Prefer pattern to plain?  What are your favourite colours?  Do you like natural fabrics?  How much artwork to you have on your walls?  How much TV do you watch or do you like to curl up with a good book?

Throw away the magazines, forget Pinterest and chat to the people who share your home and find a style that’s right for you – yours!