Sunday, 21 August 2016

Expert advice on rug care

Some of our Oriental, Persian and Afghan rugs are works of art in themselves and can even be an investment for the future.  And so how do you best care of your investment rug?

Our expert team have some good advice.  There are three key rules
1.  Clean off stains as soon as possible
2.  Don’t use the vacuum brush
3.  Avoid direct sunlight.

When it comes to removing any stain – blot never rub and dilute immediately with water.  Blot inwards for maximum effect.  If this fails to remove your stain you may need to use a commercial cleaning solution – we don’t recommend any in particular but we do advise that you test the solution first, on the underside of the rug, or where it can’t be seen.  

We would also suggest that if you have a particularly expensive rug – don’t try washing it at home yourself - but let it be cleaned by the various rug washing experts on the market.

All rugs need regular vacuuming to keep the carpet clean. However, long pile or loop carpets are more delicate and should be vacuumed without a brush. If you see threads coming loose, don’t be tempted to pull them out – instead trim with scissors.
The sun can cause damage to furniture and rugs.  Many of our rugs will have natural substances in the colours and ideally we would advise that you place your rug away from direct sunlight completely to stop the colours fading.  However, if this is not feasible, rotate your rug once a month so that any fade will be across the rug rather than just in in one part.

Enjoy your rug!

Friday, 12 August 2016

Fall in love with the colours of summer

In the summer time and with a riot of colour outside – flowers in full bloom, glorious sun rises, blue skies, and so on, even the most magnolia minds can understand why injecting a shot of colour can enhance any room,
Accessories are a great way to introduce colour and it’s a quick and easy way to give your room a new lease of life.  We obviously have more than a soft spot for starting with a lovely rug for that colour boost, but you can enhance your theme with throws, cushions, floor cushions, poufs and lighting.
Be bold and bohemian and team different textures with different colours.  Summer means being flamboyant – it’s not the time for wallflowers. You can use block of the same colour or simply theme a colour using different shades and tones.  Or, you can go wild and just throw lots of different primary colours into one room.
And because its summer don’t forget to bring the outside in with some fabulously floral displays – their scent and their brightness will lift your mood even further.  Fall in love with colour.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Deckchair stripes

Stripes are a great pattern choice for any room at home – not only looking good but they are also quite a practical choice.

For a start, should a striped rug suffer from any small marks or stains, it hides it better than a plain rug.  It is also a really clever accessory to choose when you want to pull a colour scheme together – you can use the colours in the stripes to complement your existing décor.  Finally, you can be assured that stripes are true classics which mean they will never really go out of style.
As a general rule, if you want to make your room look wider, opt for horizontal stripes which will make a narrow room seem wider and nice big stripes will really liven up a space.

You can create a focal point when you put a striped rug directly underneath a coffee table or a chair – and all eyes will be drawn to it.

You can opt for bold, bright stripes to pop some colour on the floor but stripes work equally well if you like neutral shades, clean lines and hard wood floors. A striped rug in natural fibres like hemp, will add interest without being overpowering and spoiling that neutral colour palette.

Stripes mean versatility and we all love that in our home décor.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Oooh la la

If like us, you have been wowed by the antics of The #Musketeers on BBC1 we thought you may like to have a look at our #Aubusson rugs – the perfect accessory for creating the fabulous French shabby chic look at home.
Aubusson rugs are French carpets famous for their intricate and delicate designs.  They are flat woven and have the look of of a needlepoint or tapestry. The history of Aubusson rugs suggest the first looms appeared in Aubusson in the 1300s but their fame is largely associated with the Renaissance period. 
Originally based on Turkish design, in the late 1600s Aubusson rug designs started to replicate the motifs of Savonnerie rugs favoured by the King, however, thanks to the Aubusson weavers, they became available to others in the aristocracy of Europe.
Although Aubusson production stopped around the 1870s, today skilled weavers in China replicate these lovely designs and they retain their quintessential French look which makes them ideal if you are looking for a chic home.

Add in some stunning chandeliers, a large mirror and some pretty floral cushions and voila – you’ve got it! 


Saturday, 23 July 2016

Colour blind

Neutral is out and bold, bright and daring colour is in.  

When it comes to being that bit more daring with your décor, start small and   build up.  For example, start with a really out there accessory like one of our exclusive Vibrance rugs and then select one or two others accessories that match a couple of colours in the rug.

In this striped rug for example, you could choose red as your accent colour – a throw, a red glass lamp and perhaps one red wall, would look great.  Using the spot themed rug you could not only select a colour that you like but also find other big round colourful accessories, such as round cushions or a pouffe. It’s  easy to create your own artwork too – how difficult can it be to paint a red dot in the colour of your choice and then put it in  frame?

The Ella Claire Vibrance range is only available at FrithRugs and has been especially commissioned to celebrate colour!

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Nautical and nice

We are an island nation and so have a natural affinity with the water and perhaps that’s why we also love all things #nautical when it comes to #interior #design.

Up until a few years ago, we confined our nautical touches to the bathroom but now we are getting bolder with our nautical touches which we recognise can work really well in most rooms.   All you need are a few clever touches here and there but as with all themes – don’t go over-board (sorry we couldn’t resist!) as less is more.

First you need to introduce your main colour – which in this case really needs to be blue – choose any shade.  The blue could be on one wall or perhaps on one of your main accessories such as a rug and then select a few more fabrics and accessories such as a blinds or cushions.

Now just add in a few other well chosen pieces to complement the blue. These could be shells displayed in glass vases or in picture frames,

ropes used to display wall art, a lighthouse, framed maps, bowls of sand, lanterns, or some bunting.

We think nautical works particularly well in the bedroom and in a den or conservatory.  It’s great to bring the seaside in all year round and blue is a very calming colour.

We’ve got a great selection of rugs which would suit your nautical theme.