Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Anyone for tennis?

With all that football going on we shouldn't forget that it's #Wimbledon Fortnight.  Those gorgeous, lush green courts got us thinking about the versatility of green in home decor. 

Calming green
Green is of course, associated with nature - which means it is also associated with feelings of calmness, friendliness and freshness. Colour therapists say green is the colour of balance and harmony and in case you’ve ever wondered – that’s why TV guests wait in the 'green room' before being interviewed!  

In terms of home style, many interior designers say ‘green is the new black’ and that’s because it pretty much goes with anything.  What’s more, because our eyes can see more shades of green than anything else it means that almost everyone will have at least one shade of green they like.
To make sure you get your colour scheme just right – we advise using a colour wheel as it's easy to go wrong with so many shade choices.  

In 2018

This year sage green seems to be the most popular shade.  You can get various tones of sage from the earthy darker shades which are warm and cosy to light and silvery which will set a much cooler tone. This is a colour that work well in most rooms of the house.  In the kitchen it will give a farmhouse feel, in the bathroom it can look really contemporary.  In a living room, it will be sure to calm while in the bedroom it is the ultimate relaxing shade.


The great thing about green is that is complements so many other colours.  Light and dark shades of green work well together but it also looks wonderful with white and grey.  It can also look great with brown and orange accents but the trick is to check each tone on the colour wheel to make sure you do get a complementing rather than a clashing colour. 

At www.frithrugs.co.uk we have many green rugs in traditional and modern designs and so you are sure to find something that suits your room.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Boho Updated

Remember when bohemian was all the rage?  We all wanted that vintage boho look at home and now that popular look has been updated.

The trick to getting modern boho at home is making sure you have the colours right.  That means taking your inspiration for natural jewel and gem stones.  Here’s the FrithRugs guide to modern boho colours.

Amethyst – deep lilac that complements both warm and cool colours and so making it a really flexible colour for interiors.

Turquoise – this is one of the oldest known gemstones and can range from light to dark blue and even blue-green.  Navy, green, and tomato red work well with this colour.

Rubellite – red or vibrant pink this colour is passionate and dramatic and works well with black and white.

Emerald – the colour of spring and nature which is why it works so well with neutral hues.

Now you can take some or all of these colours in contemporary furniture and instead of the previous vintage vibe you’ll have a modern, eclectic room with loads of character.  Whichever colour you choose from those above, to get the look just right adds lots of white or pale grey so that the bolder colours don’t overwhelm you room.

When it comes to accessories here are the best FrithRugs modern boho rugs.




Saturday, 9 June 2018

Go Global

If you are looking to embrace the latest interior designs style of rustic, summer is the ideal time to mix and match designs from around the world.  From sun bleached to scorched earth, FrithRugs has some handy tips to help you get the look.

Forget matching wooden furniture, you can inject some earthy vibes by mixing and matching your wood.  A mahogany coffee table, an oak side table and additional textures such as a rattan basket or earthenware pots and it’s easy to get the look.  Pull the whole thing together with a Moroccan style tribal rug.

You can create a laid-back Nomadic look by piling on different textures – it’s supposed to look effortlessly messy – but only you will know how hard you have worked to get it right! On the sofa, you need cushions of different shapes and sizes and covered in various textures from faux fur to wool to feathers.  Layer on different throws again in contrasting but complementary colours – again using different textures is key.  And then a bright Bokhara rug will complete the design.

To go global in any room of the house remember the key colour palette is ochre, coral and burnt orange.  You can complement these with greys, blue and soft pinks.  Don’t be afraid to experiment as breaking the rules can be fun – wood and woven materials are a great match.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Shabby Chic Bedrooms

Trends come and go but there is no doubt that the shabby chic vintage interior design trend is a classic that will stand the test of time.

One room where shabby chic remains popular is the bedroom, probably because it is such a lovely romantic look that can work well in both a very contemporary space as well as a period home.

The vintage bedroom offer the perfect antidote to our busy, stressful lives and will help you to relax in style and imagine a time when life was not quite as frantic. 

The main item of furniture in any bedroom is the bed.  If your bed doesn't have the right headboard for your vintage theme, Pinterest has lots of fabulous idea on how to make your own.  Then it's just a case of finishing the bed with the right bedding - cottage garden or white - along with some cushions and the central point of the room has been transformed. 

French style furniture is ideal vintage but if this is out of your price range have a look in second hand shops and charity shops for older furniture that you can sand down and then paint white.  

For the lighting, it has to be a chandelier of course and there are lots of fabulous options to choose from on the high street from budget to blow out.

Display pretty perfume bottles, print out your favourite images from a website or have black and white family photographs and then frame them and hang above a dressing table.  However, it's important to keep clutter to a minimum.

On the floor, bare floorboards are ideal but any hard wood flooring will be transformed with the addition of one of our stunning Aubusson rugs.  These are the perfect accessory for any shabby chic room and will really pull the look together.  Voila!

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Spring clean

This time of year is traditionally associated with getting our home ready for a new season - whether that's giving the front door a lick of paint, or making our winter rooms feel less wintery!    In this blog, we will reveal how to give your home a new look  without breaking the bank.


Having a tidy up and a declutter is totally free.  If you have something you haven't used for a year, throw it out or better still recycle it and give it to somebody else.  Living in a tidy, decluttered environment is a positive mood enhancer and with so many ways to make money out of your old stuff you have no excuse.  From garage sales to car boots, from swopping with mates to selling online.  Be bold.

Re-arrange your existing stuff

Now you have a nice tidy room take a fresh look at your space.  Another free way to get a new look is by re-arranging your furniture and moving accessories from one to another.  So, try the sofa under the window and move that chair into the opposite corner.

Next, take all your lamps, cushions and ornaments and put them into the middle of the floor.  Would that reading light in the sitting room look better in the bedroom?  That clock from the hall, could actually look really nice in the dining room.  

Easy update

So now you have a clean, clutter free room with a new look from existing accessories but there is still something missing to pull the room together.  You've guessed it - a brand new rug is one of the quickest and easiest ways to complete a room and give it the finishing touch. What's more a new rug won't break the bank and it's such an easy accessory to select. With 1000s of rugs online at FrithRugs you are sure to find one that suits our new look room.  

Anyone for tennis?

With all that football going on we shouldn't forget that it's # Wimbledon Fortnight.  Those gorgeous, lush green courts got us thin...