Monday, 14 January 2019


A new year means it’s out with the old and in with the new – and that philosophy extends to your home too.  In this blog, FrithRugs provides its insider knowledge on interior design trends for 2019.
Welcome home
Your hallway sets the tone for the rest of the house.  That means above all else it should be welcoming but it should also reflect your style and personality and give a little hint as to what can be expected further into your home.  Whether you have traditionally long and narrow hallway or a more open, square space you will find plenty of options to dress it accordingly.
Try to keep your hallways free from clutter – if possible keep shoes and coats out of sight, or keep them to a minimum and in an area that is least on view.  Colours should be light to give an impression of space and runners are a great option for adding a dash of colour and style.
Big is better
Rather than having a standard rug in front of the fire for example, this year the trend is for bigger rugs that cover more of the floor, be that hard wood or carpeted.  For maximum impact leave a gap of a foot or two between the wall and the rug – it makes any room feel bigger.
Shape up
The standard rectangular rug is so last year!  In 2019, you need to think out of the box and find different shaped rugs that will add interest to your room.  Circular rugs look great in large rooms or in rooms with bay windows – they are also ideal for showing off a particular item of furniture.  How about an octagonal rug to add interest in a large room or a half moon shaped rug for a smaller space?
Multi coloured
When it comes to colour and pattern the brighter and the busier the better.  Multi coloured rugs will be the go to rug for 2019.  The trick when using a busy rug is to make sure it is the focal point of your room.  Take one or two colours from the rug and accessorise with lamps, throws and cushions but it’s important to let your rug do the talking.
Stairs like to be well-dressed
The trend for bare stairs and staircases has fallen out of favour and now the best dressed homes have carpeted stairs.  If you hanker for the ‘bare stair’ look select a stair carpet that goes down the middle of the stair and leaves a bare edge on either side.  Otherwise, cover your stairs in a carpet that complements your landing and hall.
Isn’t that where we started?  Whatever your interior design style, FrithRugs has literally thousands of rugs to choose from.  Forget the high street and find inspiration in our range of modern, plain, shaggy, Pakistani, Chinese, Indian, Persian, Afghan and machine woven rug collections.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

How to clean your rug after a spillage

It's the Christmas season and you are likely to have more visitors to your home than usual.  Whether that's a few neighbours gathering for a drink, the extended family for Christmas lunch or a full blown party on New Years Eve - more people tends to mean it's more likely there may be an accident.

Our best advice when it comes to looking after your rug, especially at a party is to take it up, roll it up and carefully store away until the revellers have left.  If however, that is not feasible, there are other ways to look after your rugs. 

Firstly, are you confident in asking your guests to remove their shoes inside?  Some people are and some people are not - you know your friends well, would they be offended?  If you can get people to take off their shoes, do so as it will keep any mud and dirt to a minimum. 


Accidents happen and for best results, act fast.   If you spill food on your rug, the first step should be trying to scrape it off using a plastic spatula, and then sponge the area with water to remove the rest of the stain.

If you spill liquid on the rug, use a clean, white, plain absorbent cloth or plain white paper towels to soak up the liquid and then dilute the stain with water.  BLOT excessive liquid - NEVER RUB and continue the process until as much as the stain as possible has been removed.

There are, of course, a variety of stain removal products on the market and if you want to use one of these, test it first on a corner of the rug, preferably one that is out of sight.  Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and less is better than more.

If you have an expensive rug, we advise having it professionally cleaned by an expert in Oriental or Persian rug care.

You can find more information on general rug care here.

Have a great time!

Sunday, 16 December 2018

All eyes on the dining room

Whether you are a family of 2 or 22, chances are at special times of the year like this, it’s all eyes on the dining room.  Even if your dining room is rarely used, when it comes to special events, sitting in front of the telly with a meal on your knee just won’t cut it.

Transforming your dining room into a celebratory space does not have to take up too much time – or money.  If this is a room that is rarely used, it may have become a dumping ground for family bits and pieces and so one of the first things to do will be de-clutter and clean. 

 The next thing to do is to consider a theme that will work with your existing décor and the most obvious thing to use as a starting point is the colour.  If you have a neutral colour palette then keep your theme natural and avoid bright colours.  Fill a bowl or vase with glass baubles and pine cones and use this as your main table dressing.  This neutral rug will maintain the theme as well as adding depth and warmth to the floor.

If you have a bold colour theme then enhance it with table dressings of candy canes in a glass vase complemented with red and white baubles.  You don’t need to buy expensive table napkins or tablecloths as you can find lovely bright colours in the paper versions which are ideal for a one off occasion.  To ensure your flooring matches the rest of the room, this rug is just the ticket.

If your existing décor is moor dark and atmospheric you can continue the drama with lots of candles and dress the table with fresh foliage, dark baubles and ribbons.  This purple rug will add to the mood.

Enjoy your meal!

Monday, 10 December 2018

Three perfect interior themes for Christmas

Home for Christmas

There is nothing quite like stepping out of the dark into a home that’s all dressed up for Christmas and now is time to ‘deck the halls’ and get those decorations out of the attic once more.  While it’s always nice to have some traditional family pieces, just like any other home interior, sometimes it’s also nice to have a new look – even if it is just for Christmas. Here we’ve suggested three themes that you may like. 



The traditional Christmas home will feature lots of seasonal colours including of course, plenty of red.  Red is the forever festive colour always associated with this time of year. Red baubles, red tinsel, red crackers and party hats – the traditional home will be awash with red in all of its various shades.

If you want to pick up the traditional theme in your home furnishings it’s relatively easy to give your home a quick traditional Christmas makeover simply by adding some red accessories such as rugs, cushions and throws.  We love this red rug which is perfect for the season.

                           Natural Christmas
Going back to nature at this time of year is becoming more popular as people reject the ‘shop bought’ decorations in favour of quite literally, home grown alternatives. 

Naturally a real Christmas tree is a must but instead of using tinsel and baubles the ‘naturalist’ will opt for pine cones, mistletoe, holly and berries to dress it and the room.  You can have lots of fun with the kids making handmade decorations like good old fashioned paper chains and oranges with cloves will also add to the mood.

The natural look should feature home furnishings that are more subtle and shades of green should be the main focus.  This Bokhara green rug is ideal for the natural theme.


If you want minimal then take your inspiration from our European neighbours in Scandinavia. They’ve always been able to create warm winter homes while still keeping lines clean and colours minimal and all things Scandi continues to be a popular trend.

Your décor needs to be a palette of neutrals featuring cream walls, blonde wooden furniture and pale wood floors. The Scandinavian Christmas look features several key pieces throughout the room from the lightly dressed real Christmas tree to wooden hearts, large candles, and perhaps a string of silver lights across the hearth. If you do want to introduce a dash of colour, it’s literally just that – a dash. Perhaps a red candle, a green wreath or even a blue table runner. Keep the soft furnishings light and add in a luxurious sheepskin shaggy rug to complete the Scandinavian mood.


A new year means it’s out with the old and in with the new – and that philosoph y extends to your home too.   In this ...