Saturday, 24 December 2016

Shop the FrithRugs Sale

Did you know that one of the busiest days online is December 25th?  When the presents have been opened, the turkey has been eaten and The Queen has been watched, what else is a family to do but browse the Sales.

The FrithRugs #Sale starts online on December 25th and in store on December 27th and will run until Sunday 29th January. In our Sale you can actually save thousands of     pounds - there aren't many Sale's that can make that claim.  

If you have always wanted to invest in a traditional classic rug, now is the perfect time to buy, as many offer 50% off. From this large Ziegler design (top) to a gorgeous Aubusson rug - go to to find your half price bargain.

All rugs are reduced by at least 20%.  Our Ella Claire exclusive collections are perfect for people who prefer a contemporary look and there are great savings to be had.  

We could go on - but honestly - the best thing you can do is go to and check out the Sale bargains for yourself.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Are you having a traditional Christmas?

Are you having a traditional Christmas?

If you are writing and posting Christmas cards (not of these e-cards for you), 
insisting on a real tree  (you don't care about the needles on the floor),
refusing to open pressies before Christmas Day (it spoils the fun),
and will not hear of having anything other than turkey on Christmas Day (curry indeed!) - chances are you are having a traditional Christmas.

In which case, when giving your room a festive make-over you already know that one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a room is with a rug - and not only has the rug got to be red, it's got to be a traditional rug too.

If you are looking for a rug that embodies taste, style and elegance then look no further than our Afghan and Persian rug collections which offer some of the most comprehensive choices in the UK and so ensuring the FrithRugs brand is synonymous with traditional rugs.

Or your may prefer something more Oriental - our Chinese designs work well in traditional and modern decor.  What about an Indian rug - with so many collections you could be spoilt for choice, while our Pakistani bokharas are always best sellers.

With a traditional rug on the floor, accessorise with throws in tartan and cushions featuring red, blue or gold.  Plenty of fairy light sparkling around the hearth or wound around glass vases will show off your cosy traditional room at its best and use natural decorations such as pine cones and ivy.  Glass baubles don't have to be confined to your real tree either, you can fill vases with them or string them on a wall or around a window.

We hope you enjoy your traditional Christmas.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Festive bedroom make over

Decorating a room for Christmas doesn't have to begin and end with the lounge or dining room.  Making a bedroom feel festive is great fun - especially a child's room.

First of all try to declutter - chances are there will be new toys coming into the room so this is a really good time of year to get rid of old toys they no longer play with.  Charity shops or even food banks would love your old toys.  

You could ask your children to make their own paper chains and decorations that you can pin on the ceiling or around their room and if they get their own Christmas cards from school - you can string them up on the walls.  Fairy lights are a must and you can can also buy miniature Christmas trees that you can stand on a desk or dressing table.

Many children get new pyjamas at Christmas and so how about some new bedding and a new rug to help with the festive make over.

At this time of year, budgets are already stretched but with our kids rugs available from £79 they are an affordable treat for most families.  And with dozens of designs to choose from, you are sure to find something your kids will love.

If you have children that share a bedroom, a rug is a great way to zone a room and clearly mark out territory – even more important when there are lots of shiny new toys and games on the way!  

Take a look at our selection of rugs and and order yours today.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Bonkers for Bollywood

Bollywood inspires not just fashion but our home interiors and you don’t need a huge budget to give your home a Bollywood makeover.   Let’ start with a rug – FrithRugs has numerous Indian rugs to choose from including classic deigns as well as kelims or plain coloured Dhurries – the term spoilt for choice springs to mind.
We offer a truly superb range of traditional Indian rugs for any budgets. For the true classicist, our Fine Indo Persian rug collection is sure to impress.  It offers exceptional detail thanks to the 250,000 intricate knots per square meter - a superb level of craftsmanship.   The Keshan collection uses designs from original Persian patterns – aside from our Indian rugs you can also buy these Keshan designs in convenient hall runner sizes and specifications.

The Indian Jaipur Silk Mix is a joy to both look at and walk on but if you are looking for Indian rugs to cover an area of busy footfall the Ziegler designs will fit the bill as they are created to be particularly hard wearing.   

But do you want modern Bollywood or classic?  Framed posters of a favourite Bollywood film are a good starting point – or how about stenciling dialogue on a wall or even on a print.  You can add a digital print to your cushions or even create clever posters
If you want more classic, opt for the classic rug and perhaps one piece of Indian furniture such as an Indian trunk that could be set against a plain wall.  Then on a shelf, you could add a brass of silver lamp or a finely detailed candlestick.  Another clever #Bollywood look would be to hang several tinted lanterns in a corner.

Have you got any other Bollywood ideas – let us know. 

Sunday, 18 September 2016

What's your style?

Silly question - but do you really know what your style is when it comes to home interiors?  We are inundated with images and advice on how to ‘dress’ and decorate our home – but sometimes this advice can be overwhelming. 

If you are planning on updating a room for the new season – before you start, ask a few questions about what your style actually is.  It’s all very well trying to replicate that image in a glossy magazine – but will it suit you?

Firstly, who lives in your home?  If you are a family with a dog – be honest, those clean, sleek minimal lines in shades of white are really not going to work for you.  However, comfortable furnishings and warm colors probably would.
If you are single person with the occasional visitor, you probably won’t need lots of storage and can afford to have some expensive things like a traditonal rug on display.
Ask what your family is interested in?  Love colour?  Like animals? Prefer pattern to plain?  What are your favourite colours?  Do you like natural fabrics?  How much artwork to you have on your walls?  How much TV do you watch or do you like to curl up with a good book?

Throw away the magazines, forget Pinterest and chat to the people who share your home and find a style that’s right for you – yours!

Monday, 12 September 2016

New outlet for Shrewsbury

FrithRugs has opened a new outlet on Vanguard Park in Shrewsbury.   

Andrew Frith said: “Shrewsbury offers a great location with a good transport infrastructure. FrithRugs will occupy a prominent position on the trade park which offers access to the A49 and A5 Shrewsbury Bypass.”

The Vanguard Park site is a new business model for us designed to provide a more intimate shopping experience. The site offers an impressive 4,000 sq. ft filled with rugs and large rugs, and is the second in a number of similar sized outlets which we hope to open across the country.

Andrew said:  “While much of our business comes from our online offering at customers still enjoy the overall retail shopping experience which we want to provide in smaller merchandising environments.  We noticed a lot of customers were travelling to our Staffordshire store from the Telford and Shrewsbury area and this outlet is much more convenient for them.”

We are enjoying considerable expansion and last year opened a similar new outlet in Warrington as well as two franchises in Canterbury and the Isle of Man.  We plan to open a new outlet in Bristol later this year.  Consumers are continuing to invest in their homes and  home d├ęcor and accessories remain a relatively inexpensive way to give rooms a fresh new look.

FrithRugs offers thousands of rugs in all shapes, sizes and colours and as well as offering exclusively designed contemporary rugs and we are renowned for our staggering choice of traditional rugs from China, Persia, India and Pakistan. We  also offers a bespoke rug service which allows consumers and businesses to design their own individual rugs. 

The store is open for business from Mon - Sat: 10am - 5pm and Sun: 10am - 4pm.

Bokhara rugs are traditional rugs

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