Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Our Winter Sale Offers Great Deals on Persian Rugs

While news reports tell us we are out of recession, the vast majority of us are still watching the pennies.  This means keeping a careful eye on those sale bargain and right now, canny buyers should be browsing our website www.frithrugs.co.uk where our Winter Sale offers an amazing 70% of ALL Persian rugs.

This is no ordinary sale, we are not talking about saving a tenner - we are talking hundreds and in some cases, thousands of pounds.  Now do we have you attention?

Save thousands on this Bidjar carpet
It’s lovely to be able to fill our homes with quality furnishings - a Le Corbusier chair, Waterford crystal, Liberty soft furnishings and of course a Persian rug.  Investing in quality pieces for the home means looking for items that over time, will hold, if not actually increase their value - and of course, there is no doubt that surrounding yourself with beautiful things feels wonderful. Now thanks to our incredible Winter Rug Sale, at least some of those beautiful things are affordable.

Keshan Rug offers great savings
Persian rugs have been an essential part of Middle Eastern culture for centuries and remain popular all over the world.  It’s safe to say they are found in some of the best dressed homes across the globe.  Many offer an exceptionally fine quality and with over 3000 different rugs to choose from at www.frithrugs.co.uk you are sure to find something you love. 

The FrithRugs name is synonymous with traditional rugs which is why we offer the biggest selection in the UK.  The   majority of our Persian rugs are over 25 years old and have been handknotted in areas such as Iran, Turkey and  Afghanistan which means no two rugs are exactly the same.  Already, you are buying a product with a genuine history and of course a rug that is totally unique.

Abadeh design available in the sale
The rugs come in a range of sizes from 2’6 to over 18’ and many are also available as runners.  Featuring bright colours and stunning design and made from 100% wool this home accessory will sit well within both a modern and traditional setting. And, if you think your rug is too good for the floor, they also work as wall hangings. So whether on the floor or the wall they will be the focus of any room.

With over 3000 different rugs to view online alone you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a fine, stylish and truly elegant handknotted Persian rug.  So if you consider yourself a discerning buyer with a taste for the finer things in life - take advantage of our Winter Sale and invest in a Persian rug today.    

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Interior design ideas for Chocoholics

It’s Chocolate Week so what better time to take a look at interior design using shades of chocolate - that’s the colour not the sweet of course.

Chocolate is a really versatile colour to use at home and there are several shades on the colour wheel - so whether you prefer dark or milk - it’s a shade that can make any room feel warm, welcoming and cosy.  Just the colour for autumn in fact.

Dark chocolate:

If you are looking for a very dark shade, black could be too much. However, using dark brown will give you the dramatic look you want but in a much more palatable and softer way.  We advise using a really dark shade sparingly and only in rooms that have a lot of natural light or that are quite big.  Remember dark colours will make any room look smaller and so it’s not a colour that you can use everywhere.

 You can of course introduce dark chocolate shades sparingly as accessories.  Dark brown rugs are perfect when you just want a hint of dark.  Team then with a few scatter cushions and some thick brown curtains.

Milk chocolate:

There are lots of lovely light brown shades available including tan, taupe, mocha and café au lait.  You can use light chocolate colours generously as they complement a similar number of neutral shades which makes them ideal for even the smallest rooms.  If you want to go for something bolder than neutral we love pale blue, coral or terracotta with milk chocolate shades.

As well as a mouth-watering choice of plain brown rugs we offer rugs featuring brown patterns and multi designs and if you opt for a heavily designed rug - keep the rest of your décor quite simple so that the rug is the focus of the room.

Open our box of chocolate rugs at www.frithrugs.co.uk and type ‘brown’ in the search box on the top right hand side of the page.
Everyone has a favourite chocolate - what’s yours?




Monday, 15 September 2014

All eyes to the floor at Downton

Like the rest of the nation we are thrilled that Downton Abbey is coming back to our screens.  In fact, we have already watched the trailer on the ITV website - although our attention was largely on the floor.  As the UK biggest rug retailer renowned for our traditional rugs - what else would you expect?

The saloon

In the trailer you can see Downton’s saloon which is also the real saloon at Highclere Castle which would have been the social heart of the home.  The huge rug set in front of the impressive fireplace is typical of those found around British stately homes where a large rug would be laid over either an older carpet or hard floor.  The rich, vibrant colours of these rugs along with their hard wearing properties make them the ideal choice for these entertainment spaces.
The fabulous large rug shown is probably of Indo Persian origin like this one below which you will find in our handknotted Indo-Persian Keshan collection.

Downton (or Highclere House) like many historic homes started buying imported Oriental, Indian and Persian rugs during the 19th century when the British Empire was booming.  Some believe the demand for these rugs was due to the Shah of Persia gifting several of them to Queen Victoria and so starting a trend for the aristocracy to have this ‘must have’ accessory in their stately homes and castles.

Today these exquisite rugs are not just the preserve of the very rich and sit as well in a modern environment as they do in a period home.  If you have a big house, FrithRugs offer these designs as large rugs as show above - but for those of us who live in more modest homes - we have plenty of standard sizes too.
Circular rugs

Another popular feature of the grand British home is the circular rug - take a look at the music room at Highclere Castle and you will see an Oriental rug which is used as the display for a beautiful occasional table.  The rug, which is very similar to this
Premier Super Washed Chinese design, draws the eye immediately and becomes the centrepiece of the room.  We think these rugs work best in larger rooms, dining rooms or a lovely spacious hallway.
The study

Highclere Castle has a smoking room and while we don’t get a lot of call from customers asking for rugs to suit their smoking room - we do however, get asked to recommend suitable rugs for a study.  If you are looking for a similar rug to the one found at Highclere, you will love this Indo Persian Shervan design.  
This rug reproduces the original Indian design and the vibrancy of the red really stands out.  This little beauty will sit well in both a traditional gentleman’s study or a modern home office and will give your work space a lovely warmth.
So when you are getting comfy on the sofa and drinking in the sumptuous interiors of Downton Abbey - remember where to come for your very own hint of the nation’s favourite house style.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Wish you were here?

What do you love best about your holiday?  Well, we do like to be beside the seaside so maybe it’s waking up to the crashing waves?  Perhaps it’s just being able to relax on the beach - there’s nothing quite like the feel of golden grains of sand between your toes. Or maybe it’s just being able to enjoy the warm sun on your face and forgetting all about the usual pressures of daily life.

So wouldn’t it be great to be able to create these moods in your own home?  Here we highlight some of our favourite rugs which will allow you to create a holiday home all year round.
I do like to be beside the seaside

Studies have shown that people who live beside the sea are generally a lot happier than urbanites so let’s try and harness those good vibes at home.  A lot of our holiday good mood comes from light and so having reflective, shiny surfaces will help bounce light around a room and pale window dressings such a voile, will maximise what natural sunlight we have. 
Shades of white are often associated with the nautical look and when you break this up with areas of blue it’s going to look stunning.  However, don’t go overboard (forgive the pun!) - one of these blue rugs and perhaps a blue throw or even a small blue feature wall should be plenty.  You could even introduce a classic holiday item like a deck chair to really get you in the mood.

Sand between your toes

Close your eyes and remember what it feels like to be on your favourite beach.  As well as miles and miles of golden sand there are lots of  other colours including of course a blue sea, charcoal rocks and grey gulls.  This colour palette works really well all year round.  And if you want to recreate the beach look at home, pale yellow, cream, black, grey, blue and charcoal should be top of your list.  Again, it’s all about the light so keep windows as uncluttered as possible.  Accessorise with natural wood, rocks, pebbles, shells and why not highlight one corner of your room with a beautifully lit fish tank?
Feel the warmth of the sun

Shades of yellow, red and orange are perfect for people who love the warmth of the sun.  Take a look at a colour chart and pick those shades the complement each other.  For example a bright Moroccan orange would work well with a more subdued terracotta and these shades are lovely and warming in the winter as well as throughout the summer.  Go for a couple of very bold and bright accessories like these rugs and choose fabulous mood lighting to create your own sun rise and sun set.  Better still have your favourite sunshine photographs made into canvas wall art.

Even if you can’t afford a holiday there’s no reason why, one corner or one room of your house can’t become your 356 day holiday retreat.  A place to go for some good mood vibes whenever you feel you need it.



Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Afghan or Persian Rugs - The perfect choice for the discerning home

If you are looking for a rug that embodies taste, style and elegance then look no further than our Afghan and Persian rug collections which offer the most comprehensive choice in the UK and so ensuring the FrithRugs brand is synonymous with traditional rugs.

While some Afghan rugs draw heavily on Persian influences, others have a more Oriental style, but each rug is a work of art in its own right, representing the craftsmanship of the weavers who boast a diverse range of cultures and artistic sensibilities.  For example, Ziegler rugs have been designed with the western market in mind and fit perfectly into almost any home. Their muted colours use vegetable dyes and their simple but striking patterns complement modern neutral colour schemes.

The Kelim offers a flat tapestry and predominantly feature colours of blue, green, yellow, and red in geometric patterns. 
Meanwhile the Kundoz range have short piles which makes them very hardwearing and their strong red colour  represents some of the best of Afghan weaving today.


 For the more discerning homebuyer a Persian rug is the rug to have on the floor.  This area has always been renowned for its carpet and rug weaving and is a key part of the culture dating back thousands of years.   In modern Iran the tradition continues today with an estimated 1.2 million weavers still working to produce these much loved carpets.

These products are among the most expensive rugs on the market and this is due to the intricate hand woven designs which can take months to perfect.  Many are of exceptionally fine quality and made up of designs which generally include motifs native to the area the rug was woven.
FrithRugs stock 50 different styles of Persian rugs and our experts are happy to guide you through the buying process to ensure you select the rug that is right for you and your home.

Rug care
Although some of these rugs are expensive, look after them well and they could increase in value over time, making them an excellent investment.

In order to get the most from your rug, try to avoid laying it in direct sunlight as this will eventually fade the colour.   We recommend that you rotate your rug so that you even out any wear and when cleaning, use suction only vacuum cleaners (cylinder or pipes from upright) to avoid damage.
So don’t hide your Afghan or Persian rug away in a dark unused room.  Make sure you have it on display for your family and visitors to enjoy.  And remember, if you think your rug is too precious to put on the floor, you can hang it on the wall – they are works of art after all!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Celebrate Chinese New Year 2014 with up to 50% off all Chinese rugs!

Gong Hay Fat Choy! or Happy New Year - Chinese New Year of course.  This Chinese New Year falls on January 31 which luckily for you means it also fall within the FrithRugs Sale dates.  You can save up to 50% off all Chinese rugs - and so what better time to invest in one of these timeless classics?
Buddha asked all the animals to meet him on Chinese New Year. Twelve came, and so he named a year after each and said that people born in that animal's year would share some of that animal's traits. 2014 is the year of the horse and those born in horse years are cheerful, perceptive, witty and talented.
As the UK’s largest retailer of Oriental rugs and carpets we can confirm that the great British love affair with Chinoiserie is as strong as ever.  You could say it’s the little black dress of the interior design world!

If you are new to this interior design style you may well be wondering where to begin.  Well a good starting point would be to make a bold Oriental rug as the focal point for the room. You can use any of the colours found in the rug to help you co-ordinate other accessories, but first you have to choose the rug itself.
The Chinese love striking, bold colours like red (which symbolises good fortune and joy), green (for health and harmony) and black (which correspond to water, and is a neutral colour). If you do opt for one of our bolder Chinese dragon rug designs, this will draw all eyes to the floor and so you need to ensure you don’t overdo it elsewhere. Maybe just use a piece of Chinese calligraphy wall art or a beautiful vase and then one or two scatter cushions in red.

Black and white together is used often as they represent yin and yang – the interconnection of opposites. There more subtle designs found on these rugs still have an obvious Chinese influence and can be used to blend and tone the rest of the room.  If you opt for the black and white Chinese rugs, you can be more adventurous elsewhere. We think bamboo works well with this style of rug.  For example, lamps made of wood or bamboo or perhaps a bamboo screen or divider made from rice paper will look fabulous.
For those who like their bling you will love our gold Chinese rugs.  Have a look at these rugs featuring elaborate gold patterns which would not look out of place in an Emperor’s palace. If this is your choice then go easy on the rest of the room’s pieces and stick to a few well selected under-stated items.
The great thing about our Oriental rugs is that we offer an amazing array of rug shapes. Circular Chinese rugs are particularly popular and the octagonal Chinese rugs designs are great for large spaces. If you are have small floor space why not try a half moon shaped rug?  And if you can’t find a rug to fit your room or your style then we also specialise in custom made rugs. 

So whether you want a Zen inspired relaxing space or a daring bold splash of colour – our Chinese rugs can transform your room – and don’t forget you can save up to 50% if you purchase before 2nd Feb 2014.





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