Saturday, 26 May 2018

Spring clean

This time of year is traditionally associated with getting our home ready for a new season - whether that's giving the front door a lick of paint, or making our winter rooms feel less wintery!    In this blog, we will reveal how to give your home a new look  without breaking the bank.


Having a tidy up and a declutter is totally free.  If you have something you haven't used for a year, throw it out or better still recycle it and give it to somebody else.  Living in a tidy, decluttered environment is a positive mood enhancer and with so many ways to make money out of your old stuff you have no excuse.  From garage sales to car boots, from swopping with mates to selling online.  Be bold.

Re-arrange your existing stuff

Now you have a nice tidy room take a fresh look at your space.  Another free way to get a new look is by re-arranging your furniture and moving accessories from one to another.  So, try the sofa under the window and move that chair into the opposite corner.

Next, take all your lamps, cushions and ornaments and put them into the middle of the floor.  Would that reading light in the sitting room look better in the bedroom?  That clock from the hall, could actually look really nice in the dining room.  

Easy update

So now you have a clean, clutter free room with a new look from existing accessories but there is still something missing to pull the room together.  You've guessed it - a brand new rug is one of the quickest and easiest ways to complete a room and give it the finishing touch. What's more a new rug won't break the bank and it's such an easy accessory to select. With 1000s of rugs online at FrithRugs you are sure to find one that suits our new look room.  

Friday, 18 May 2018

Royal wedding party

Everyone loves a good wedding and many people across the UK will be holding a royal wedding party - whether that’s just a few friends at your home or, a full-on street party.

Here at FrithRugs we’ve provided the ultimate guide to celebrating the wedding with friends.

Red Carpet

You’ve got have a red carpet for your arriving guests and while it’s unlikely anyone will be hiring or investing in a real red carpet, you can buy a red rug quite cost effectively to have outside your front door (weather permitting) or in the hall to great your guests.  Make it feel like red carpet by having somebody take pap shots of the guests as they arrive.

Welcome drinks

Before the ceremony takes place, provide your guests with a couple of glasses of fizz to break the ice as the mingle.  If you want to be really patriotic – buy some English champagne or sparkling wine.


It’s time to take your seats to await the arrival of the bride.  Have the ceremony displayed on the biggest TV screen you have and have the volume up really loud.  A union jack rug in front the of the telly will help get guests in the mood.

Wedding Breakfast

After you have watched the wedding, it’s time for the wedding breakfast.  In the case of our house party, we want to easy to prepare and easy to eat finger food –your good old British buffet fayre – although you could have a nod to Meghan’s American roots with some burgers and hot dogs too.    We do know the newlyweds are not having a traditional wedding cake and have opted for a lemon and elderflower flavoured sponge and so you could if you wish, follow suit.

Party Time

We hope for a rain free, warmish evening and it would be lovely if you could take the party outside.  Provide plenty of blankets for the guest to snuggle in if it gets too chilly and cotton based rugs like our Dhurrie flatweaves are great for people who want to lounge about on the floor.   With Ed Sheeran as the appointed wedding singer for Meghan and Harry, a few of his greatest hits will do down a treat.

Then, it’s time to let your hair down and enjoy the rest of the evening with your friends and family – and of course, have a toast to the newlyweds.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

What will Prince Louis nursery look like?

When it comes to decorating their new baby's nursery - Kate and William already have experience in making their latest arrival feel welcome.  However, tastes change and so what Kate loved for Prince George, she may re-think for Prince Louis. 

We have had a glimpse of life in the royal household and it's clear that clean, neutral lines are their preferred interiors look.  Another hint that they may love Scandi came when they couple were on their Scandinavian tour and they told Ikea's head of design how they had a few key pieces from the brand in Prince George's nursery. 

So, what are the key pieces for a Scandi nursery?

The basic furniture - cot, nursing chair, changing table, wardrobe and chest of drawers should be white.  

When we take about lighting, most interior blogs will advise letting in plenty of natural light but when it comes to a baby or toddlers room, you need to ensure that when it comes to nap time and bedtime, you block out as much light as possible.  Most retailers now sell black out blinds and curtains.

But we should remember that this is a baby’s nursery and so we don't want a total white out.  Babies and toddlers love primary colours and so adding pops of colour with well selected accessories will make the room fun and playful.

This could be on the bedding or found in favourite toys or books.

FrithRugs has some fabulous kids' rugs which feature bright colours that will liven up the netural room and which your baby and toddler will love.   From sailing boats to teddy bears, from flowers to fish, take a look at our kids' rugs to find inspiration for you baby, toddler and boys and girls.


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