Friday, 21 June 2019

Choosing the right rug for your bedroom

A bedroom is more than the place you go to sleep.  It’s a room that should feel like your sanctuary – a child free zone.  A place to read in peace.  A place to lie and contemplate the world.  A space to practice your new hair style.  The room you take
that private telephone call.
However, you use your bedroom, it’s important to choose the right rug.  Whether you have a carpeted or hard floor, just like most other rooms in the house, the rug will add that finishing touch.
Where to place your bedroom rug
Placing your rug depends on the size of your room.  If you have a large room with a lot of space, you can use the rug to zone a specific area, perhaps a reading chair or the space you may practice yoga.
Or you may just want a rug at either side of the bed so that on cold mornings you can rest your feet on a warm rug rather than a cold floor.  You may want it at the end of the bed which makes it a design statement of its own.
What colour should you choose
If you have bedroom in a neutral colour such as white, cream or grey – and if you have similarly coloured curtains and beddings – the rug is the perfect accessory to add your favourite pop of colour.  This then allows you to pick out a few more pieces in the colour to add interest – a red lamp, a red pillow, a red vase on the dressing table.

If your bedroom already has several colours, a plain coloured rug can actually anchor the whole scheme.  For example, if you have a red wallpaper, a red rug will pull the whole room together.
Type or rug
If you are prone to allergies, the best hypo-allergenic fibre you can choose is a 100% wool rug.  Rug ticks all the boxes when it comes being ‘green’.  It’s a sustainable resource, it’s made from natural fibre and it acts as a natural air filter which makes it the perfect choice for your sensitive allergies.  Wool rugs are also hard wearing and easy to clean.  They are the perfect choice for your bedroom.
So, whatever you get up to in your bedroom – do with a FrithRugs.  

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Summer is here - let's get the house ready

With the summer season almost here, FrithRugs provides three top interior design tips to let the sunshine in.
The Big Stuff
We are not proposing you have to kit out your home with new furniture to give your home a fresh look for summer – but perhaps now is a good time to think about moving things around a little. Can you move the sofa onto an opposite wall? Could you move the chair from the hall into the seating room, and then perhaps move the sitting room chair into a bedroom? 
Sometimes just moving your familiar items into a new place or into a new room is all it takes to revamp your design style. One other piece of advice – when you do buy new items of key furniture – always buy the best you can as quality will stand the test of time.
Let’s get colourful
You can’t change the colour of your walls (that’s why neutral is always best) but you can easily change your soft furnishing and accessories to add a dash of colour into your summer home.
One of the season’s key colours is yellow or shades of it – from bright and bold to a subtler mustard.  See which you prefer and find a colour that most suits your style.  Contemporary home with lots of white, will easily carry a bold canary yellow, where more traditional homes may work better with muted tones.
Start with a new rug and then colour co-ordinate around it – cushions, silk throws, a new lampshade and some new pottery will be enough.  You don’t’ need to spend a fortune to get a new look for any room.

Light Up

Lighting is a wonderful mood enhancer. If you have a real or electric stove, it’s unlikely it’s going to be lit for a few months ad so swop the logs for some fairy lights.
Fairy lights are now being used all year around – you can use them in glass vases or wound around tall pot plants. You can drop them around the fire place or behind a glass cabinet.  They will look great wherever you place them.
Keep lighting a minimum – you don’t need a lot in the longer summer months but it’s always nice to have a cosy lamp in a corner, when the sun does set.  Hopefully you will be spending more time outdoors, but when it’s time to come inside – you still want to create a cosy home.
So, remember those three top tips for your summer home:
Move or swop furniture around
Buy a new rug and accessories
Get out the fairy lights - and your home is ready to go.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

We love rugs!

As one of the UK’s leading rug retailers, it will come as no surprise when we tell you that we love rugs.  They have to be the perfect home accessory and in our opinion a house is not a home without one. Here are just a few reasons why we love rug.
Give your room a new look.
Let’s say you are bored with your current colour scheme and fancy a change.  Once you have found a rug in a colour you love, you can easily make this your accent colour by buying a few cushions and throws to match.  Voila – a whole new look.
Add light
If you have a dark floor, it may be practical for your lifestyle but it can take a lot of colour out of a room. If you add a light rug over a dark floor or even a dark carpet it will brighten the whole room.
Zone your space

Rugs can zone or divide any room into distinct areas. For example, in a large open space a rug can delineate between the living area and the dining area.  You could use a rug to      make a corner of a room into a study or reading area or perhaps you want a quiet space to relax.

Add warmth

The trend for hard wood flooring shows no sign of abating and while these floors look great and are hard wearing they can often look cold. Whether it’s just having a lovely thick shaggy rug at the side of your bed to warm your feet in the morning to having an inviting rug to complete your living room – it’s the perfect accessory.

The ultimate versatile accessory

Rugs are versatile – you can move them into different rooms to create a new look, you can take them with you when you move and you can even have rugs to suit the seasons. It’s no wonder, we love rugs.

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