Thursday, 26 July 2018

Welcome Home

Nothing says welcome home than your hallway.

This is the first impression of your home.  It sets the scene and gives a hint to your style and personality. Regardless of the size of your hall you want to make sure it looks good and you are making an entrance. 

Hide the clutter

Many UK homes have small and often quite dark hallways.  Add to this the clutter we put there - coats, shoes, bags and so on - that small, dark space will look even smaller.  If you can't make strict rules about coats and shoes being taken straight to the bedroom then your next option is look at clever storage.  You can find these even for smallest of spaces.  Rule number 1 - hide that clutter.

Keep it practical

Now a cream carpet or rug is never going to be a good idea in the hall.  It is one of the busiest places in any home - the one that gets plenty of footgall which inlcudes muddy shoes and possibly wet paws.  You need flooring that is practical and hard-wearing.  However, that's not say you shouldn't be able to add warmth and texture with a hall runner.

Here at we have hundreds of hall runners to choose from.  Runners that come in various sizes, patterns, colours and designs.  We even have an exclusive runner that goes around corners.  Take a look at our hall runners for yourself at

You are sure to find something to suit all house styles whether period or modern.  If you have pets and kids, we advise using a patterned runner that will hide any marks and scuffs.


In a dark hallway without natural light opt for LED lighting as that mimics daylight.  If you want to create ambiance in a hall, a standard lamp is ideal.  You can turn it on in the evening so that the hallway is always nicely lit.  

One more thing, when you open your front door, chances are your own 'house' smell will be immediately apparent.  What do you want yours to be - last's night supper or something natural and fresh?  Dried lavender stems or a few drops of lavender in a bowl are ideal for that clean house smell.

Welcome home!

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Add a touch of drama to your floor

Here at we love adding to our contemporary rug collections.  We are really pleased to introduce our Palette and Dynamic range which are designed to add a touch of drama to the floor.

Sometimes we describe our rugs as paintings for the floor. We use this term when we think the design and quality of the rug is quite simply a work of art.  We think that applies to these colourful designs - what do you think?


These heavenly rugs are truly dramatic thanks to their rich saturated colours.  They possess a dramatic beauty, with rich, saturated colours that swirl together in unique and vivid designs. Gold, pink, blue, red and orange are mixed together and evoke a sense of the artist's palette as they strive to find the perfect picture.

Each stunning rug conveys a sense of movement and energy and will work in any room as an amazing focal point. These machine made rugs are available in three sizes and thanks to the bold tones it should be easy to find complementing soft furnishings.

See the full collection at


The rugs use dynamic colour and design and work well in a contemporary setting.   This collection of rugs features daring, 3D-like designs, and captivating colour for an overall charismatic effect, Hand tufted from a sumptuous wool blend and woven with gently shimmering silk-like fibres, these radiant  rugs create an amazing sense of depth and texture.  

They are available in five sizes, browse the full collection here

These new collection really are artwork for the floor.  We think you'll love them.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Anyone for tennis?

With all that football going on we shouldn't forget that it's #Wimbledon Fortnight.  Those gorgeous, lush green courts got us thinking about the versatility of green in home decor. 

Calming green
Green is of course, associated with nature - which means it is also associated with feelings of calmness, friendliness and freshness. Colour therapists say green is the colour of balance and harmony and in case you’ve ever wondered – that’s why TV guests wait in the 'green room' before being interviewed!  

In terms of home style, many interior designers say ‘green is the new black’ and that’s because it pretty much goes with anything.  What’s more, because our eyes can see more shades of green than anything else it means that almost everyone will have at least one shade of green they like.
To make sure you get your colour scheme just right – we advise using a colour wheel as it's easy to go wrong with so many shade choices.  

In 2018

This year sage green seems to be the most popular shade.  You can get various tones of sage from the earthy darker shades which are warm and cosy to light and silvery which will set a much cooler tone. This is a colour that work well in most rooms of the house.  In the kitchen it will give a farmhouse feel, in the bathroom it can look really contemporary.  In a living room, it will be sure to calm while in the bedroom it is the ultimate relaxing shade.


The great thing about green is that is complements so many other colours.  Light and dark shades of green work well together but it also looks wonderful with white and grey.  It can also look great with brown and orange accents but the trick is to check each tone on the colour wheel to make sure you do get a complementing rather than a clashing colour. 

At we have many green rugs in traditional and modern designs and so you are sure to find something that suits your room.

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