Saturday, 23 March 2019

Say Hello to spring with a floral rug

As regular readers of FrithRugs blog posts will know, a well-chosen rug is the perfect anchor for your interior design scheme.

As Spring has now officially arrived, our rug interior experts want to shout about the benefits of bringing flowers indoors and celebrating the fabulously floral. 

Now we understand that using florals can be a bit scary but our tips about how to use floral rugs in your interior design scheme should allay any apprehension you may have.
A floral rug will be the focus of your room and it’s nice to celebrate the arrival of a new season with something that reflects the environment outside.   A floral rug, depending on which pattern and colourway you choose, can work well in both a modern and traditional setting and so let’s take a look at the floral rugs FrithRugs can offer.
Don’t play it safe

If you look at any striking interiors online you will find that the look is achieved by NOT playing it safe.  For those of you who are happy to make a bold statement, have the confidence to be innovative with patterns.  You can clash florals – for example, a floral rug, floral curtains and floral cushions.  However, for this to work, keep your furniture neutral – so your sofa and chairs chairs should be in one colour block.
Modern floral

Getting the right style at home comes with experience but our tip is to paint your walls and ceiling a crisp white and then select a floral rug.  You can highlight the colour of the rug in accessories such as lamps or artwork.  You will be amazed at how this will give your room a cool, contemporary feel.
Shabby chic or country cottage
If you select a floral rug with small rather than large flowers, you can achieve a shabby chic or country cottage mood.  Small florals will work well on hard wood flooring and in a room that has natural wood furniture and pared down accessories.  Choose a pale colour from your rug flower and use it as the accent shade for your other pieces.
There are no real hard and fast rules when it comes to using florals.  Like all interior design styles, it really comes down to personal choice.  However, when looking for that perfect floral rug to bring the outside in, you will find a great selection at, including exclusive designs that you won’t find anywhere else.  From big, bold blooms to more delicate flowers, say hello to the spring/summer 2019 interior season with flowers.

Monday, 11 March 2019

Runaway success

A hallway can sometimes be the part of the home that is often overlooked when it comes to interior design.  However, FrithRugs believes that selecting the right hallway runner is important – after all, this is the first ‘room’ in your home that visitors will see.  You know what people say about creating a first impression, so here’s our rug experts guide to finding the perfect hall runner and having a runaway success.

It may seem obvious but make sure you choose the right sized hall runner.  By its very nature, the hall runner should have some of the original floor space showing either side – otherwise it’s become a rug rather than a runner!  Also, consider which way doors open – front doors will open in and so do you need to leave space for the door or is there enough gap for the runner?  Similarly, if you do have an internal door that opens out, even if it’s an under-stair cupboard, will it open over the rug or will you have to alter the door?
Your family
Do you have children?  How old are they?  If you have to keep drawing a toddler’s pushchair in and or of the hall, or your kids often bring the football team home after a match, or maybe you have a teenager who wheels their bike through the hall – then consider a darker, patterned rugger.  If you have animals, muddy paws will easily show on a light colour and so as much you may dream of a cream hall runner – it’s not going to happen.   Remember, if placing your rug on a hard surface you will need underlay to avoid trips and slips.
Selecting the right runner will also help define the space you have.  If you want to give the illusion of widening a hallway, opt for a runner in a single block of colour. If you want to add interest to a boring hallway, opt for a more details pattern   If you have a short space then a striped runner will make the space seem longer.   If you have busy walls, opt for a plain runner.
It’s always best to choose a hallway runner from FrithRugs that offers durability and many of our products are made from 100% wool.  Although slightly more expensive, this warm, soft and easy to care for fibre will stand the test of time.   Or a man-made fibre such as polypropylene is also durable.
We have over 500 rug runners available which means you are sure to find a runner to suit your style and your home.  From classic Chinese designs, to Pakistani classics.  From Indian traditional patterns to modern designs that you won’t find anywhere else, you can be sure that FrithRugs offer the perfect runner for your hallways.  Start browsing at or call our rug experts on 01745 584404 – better still, pop into one of our outlets and see the collections for yourself.

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