Friday, 24 March 2017

How do decorate a child's bedroom

Has your daughter fallen in love the with the new #beautyandthebeast film?

Chances are she will want you to spend a fortune on redecorating her bedroom with the theme - but read this blog for ideas on how to decorate a child's room that grows with her.

When planning or decorating a child’s room or nursery, it’s easy to get carried away – but it’s worth remembering that what your five-year-old loves now, the eight-year-old version will probably hate.  So, don’t spend too much money – instead opt for an overall design that can grow with them and theme with accessories such as rugs, bedding and curtains.

On the floor

For practical reasons hardwood floors are probably the best choice for your kid’s room and are much easier to keep clean than carpet. However, they can be quite boring and of course, quite hard!  Adding a colourful rug will bring the floor to life and will provide soft, warmer areas for your child to play.  You can also use your rug as the basis for a colour scheme for the entire room.

If you have siblings that share a room, rugs are a great way to help zone specific areas, better still get your rug personalised and that should help avoid any arguments.

A new rug can quickly and easily help transform a room and so when your daughter grows tired of one colour or theme, you can easily introduce another.

On the bed

With the release of a new kid’s film or TV character it’s likely you will find bedding merchandise.  This is another easy win which allows your daughter to get her longed-for Disney characters but without breaking the bank.  Once she moves on to another character or theme, changing the bedding along with the rug will give the room a whole new look.

On the walls

It’s more sensible to paint rather than wallpaper – when your girl gets tired of her Disney character wallpaper you will have to strip it – whereas when she gets tired of her baby pink colour scheme, you just need to add another coat of emulsion in a different colour.  If you would like to personalise the wall you can paint your own feature wall or designate a space for their own artwork to be displayed.  You can also buy some fabulous wall stickers which could work with a particular theme and then can be removed when your daughter has outgrown it.

The most important rule when decorating a child’s room is to remember to be flexible. Our children grow up quickly and their tastes can change just as fast.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Decorating with green

Green is the colour associated with nature and according to colour psychologists it is a great colour have at home.  In this blog we will look at where and how to use green in the home and suggest which colours to use with green.

Psychological benefits of green

This is one of our favourite home decorating colours thanks to its soothing and rejuvenating qualities.  Green is the colour of Mother Nature herself and of fertility and health with many people believing the colour has powerful energies.  It is calming and it makes us feel secure. It is certainly a restful colour and can be a safe colour to use if you are not sure what to go for in your home.

Which rooms suit green?

Any and all rooms in the home will work with green.  In the hall, green is welcoming but use it sparingly as it can be oppressive.  In the sitting room green works well in both modern and traditional styles and can be used in various degrees.  Kitchens that accessorize with lime green are not only modern but will also lift the mood.  If you have a sun room or conservatory accents of green will blend your outside and inside spaces.

Green is great for the bedroom thanks to its soothing and calming qualities and the same applies for the bathroom.  Sea green is associated with holidays by the beach and so it’s a great alternative to blue.

How to use green with other colours

Most interior designers agree that you should always use different shades and tones of green, rather than just one (just as Mother Nature does). If you are not sure which shade of green to use with other colours then is a fabulous site for combining complementary shades, tones and colours.  One rule of thumb that won’t fail is to use plenty of white with any green scheme and you really won’t go wrong.  

So go green when you want to get back to nature and to put some harmony and relaxation in your life. 

For details on the rug shown, click here.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Silk rugs

In this blog we will explain the different silk rugs we have available and introduce you to our collections.

Rug connoisseurs will appreciate our selection of 100% silk rugs which have been carefully purchased from Iran (Persia), China and Kashmir.  Silk rugs are among some of world’s premium rugs thanks to the high level of skill and expertise employed in creating these glorious pieces.  As well as looking superb they are also a joy to touch and walk on. Many of our customers prefer to display silk rugs on the wall.

Chinese Silk Rugs

Chinese silks are true works of art and are often inspired by traditional Buddhist and Taoist designs favouring blue, red, apricot and yellow colour schemes.  Many rugs in this collection feature images, for example the magnificent Chinese Zhenping rugs which reflect traditional Chinese stories and are sure to be a talking point in any room.

Persian Silk Rugs

Persian rugs are renowned throughout the world and silk rugs are among the finest.  They are tightly woven and offer intricate detail.  For example, the Persian Qum Silk is rich in colour, pattern and design which means these rugs are a true investment

Kashmir Silk Rugs

Our Kashmiri collection continues to be the most popular of our silks and it’s no wonder - they are regarded as some of the finest in the world. The designs are varied and offer a high knot density which gives them strength and durability. 

Our team are experts in advising customers about which rugs will be most suitable for their home and their rooms and we encourage you to talk to us about caring for your new purchase.

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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Love your luxury home

Interior designers have been telling us about the benefits of pared back neutral home decor for years. However, if this was never your thing, then you will be pleased to know that luxury and opulent home decor is very much back in vogue.

In this blog we will take a look at what you need to ensure your rooms are reveling in luxury.

Walls & Windows

For your blissful background let’s start with the walls.  A backdrop of soft tones are just what is needed to create your grand room.  For inspiration take a look at some of the rooms in our stately homes.  Think pastel shades of blue, grey, mink and pink and choose a paper with a subtle pattern.

Windows have to dressed with curtains as blinds really don’t have the extravagance that you can get from heavy silk or silk look curtains.  If you have a bay window try using a pair of curtains hung in the centre and then a curtain on either side of the bay, very posh.  The opulent curtain should always pool on the floor and feature loose tie backs.


Nothing says luxury more than precious metals which is why gold and brass are a good starting point for your accessories.  A gilded mirror and a chandelier should be among your first purchases. Coloured glass items artfully placed will add to the rich tone of the room while satin and silk cushions and velvet throws will create rich textures.


Flooring can be expensive and its unlikely most people will have a budgets to replace their flooring and that’s why choosing the right rug will be so important.  When we think luxury then it’s all about the pile which is why a long pile rug will not only look opulent but will feel it too.  A Flokati or Shaggy rug will fit the bill.

Bokhara rugs are traditional rugs

The FrithRugs name is synonymous with traditional rugs and these are true masterpieces that never go out of style.  What’s more, a trad...