Sunday, 25 November 2018

Shaggy rugs will winter proof your home

Winter is not all bad.  There is something to be said for closing the curtains on a cold, dark winter night and getting lovely and cosy in your warm, snug home.

And just how cosy and snug your room feels, can often depend on what you have on your floor.  If you have a hard floor, while it may be stylish and elegant for spring and summer, it does lack warmth in autumn and winter. One way to change that is with the addition of a well-chosen rug.  And even if your floor is carpeted, adding a rug will add more depth and comfort.

So which rug should you choose for the perfect winter warmer?  It' got to be a shaggy rug of course!  Here at FrithRugs we have lots of fabulous shaggy rugs to suit every room and every style. 

Let's start with our polyester shaggy rugs which are the rugs to choose if you want colour in your rug. These rugs are handmade in China and offer colours to suit many home interiors including red, blue and green.  Perfect for the season.  
The Scandinavian or ‘Scandi’ interior design theme is always popular and if this is the look you want then your shaggy rug should ideally be white or cream.  You can choose from the classic sheepskin rug which let’s face it will always look stunning in front of a roaring fire or even as a throw on the bed or sofa. 

Flokati rugs are graded by the weight of the wool (in grams) per square meter of the rug. As such you will see different grades ranging from 1,500g to 3,000g. What this means is that the more wool present in a rug, the heavier it is. And the heavier the rug is, the higher the grade.  We offer three grades to choose from.
If you want a rug on your floor that feels as good as it looks then we have plenty more shaggy rug designs and styles to choose from. Browse our winter warmers  yourself and winter proof your room.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Looking for a timeless rug?

Here at FrithRugs we are always adding to a rug collections and one of our latest additions is the Timeless Collection.

When it comes to describing this stunning range, the name says it all.  These are contemporary rugs that are truly timeless thanks to their grey colour palette, modern textures and artistic pattern.

We love the ombre effect created by these machine made rugs, which create a 3D-esque design which will ensure any room has a cosy and warm feel.

We always say that grey is such a flexible colour and these rugs are no exception.  If you want a modern interior design it can sometimes look a little cold - these rugs will add the warmth that a neutral colour scheme can lack.

If however, you want a hint of drama you could use black, dark grey and silver to create a great impact.  

You could even add pops of bold colour in your other home furnishings - but whatever your design style it will be all eyes on the floor with one of these fabulous Timeless Rugs. 

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Let's get nice and cosy at home

It's the end of British summer time and officially winter is upon us.  That means dark mornings and shorter days - but at this time of year, there is something to be said for coming home in the evening, drawing your curtains and getting lovely and cosy.

If you have a hard floor, it may be stylish and elegant for spring and summer, but come the autumn-winter and that floor needs warming up with a well-chosen rug.  Having the right floor covering is going to impact on just how cosy you feel and that's why choosing the right rug is more important than ever right now.

So, what are the interior design trends for the new season.  

Oversized florals

If you love floral, it's a case of the bigger the better this season.  We have several rugs that will make a striking statement in your living room or dining room and it's easy to bring the look together with some complementing accessories.  If you like your florals dark, you can create a really moody atmosphere with a bold design - although accessorise carefully to avoid making your room seem dreary.

Pretty in Pink

On the oppose end of the scale dusty pink is also bang on trend.  The trick here is to use various shades of pink to ensure it has a grown up look.  Mix and match subtle shades with vibrant shades of the colour and your room won't look overly feminine. You can start with a rug and then add a pink faux fur throw, cushions and fairy lights.


You've seen the gorgeous colours in the leaves that nature has created - so do the same indoors.  Think tones of burnt orange and warm browns to give your room a lovely autumnal glow.  Start with a new rug and then introduce the colour in a few well chosen pieces.  We are a real fan of maple as adds a touch of the Med in the summer but brings warmth and cheer in the winter.

For our full range of autumn/winter rugs go to

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