Sunday, 30 August 2015

Feeling blue

One of the best things about summer is of course, summer hols - and for those people who are lucky enough to be able to go abroad, one of the colours most associated with our annual vacation has to be the #colour #blue.

From the cloudless and serene blue skies to the dancing green blue shades of the sea.  From the electric blue of your favourite blue lagoon cocktail to the clean, cool shimmering blue of the hotel swimming pool.  Bring home one of our blue rugs, close your eyes and you could be back in the Med before you know it.


Tip: If you have a predominantly white or cream room, use blue as the accent and it will be simply stunning. If you want a nautical/seaside feel to a room, opt for blue stripes and if you are looking for a more grown up regal feel, then go for dark and navy blue tones.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Interior design technology

Thanks to the glossy images inspired by websites like and, theoretically it should be easier than ever to pull a room’s interior d├ęcor together.  However, often these images have been carefully crafted by professional interior designers who make it look so easy.  But you can get further inspiration from a range of great interior design apps and we’re recommending a few of the best.

Photomeasures is really useful as it saves measurements on to photos of your rooms. You simply take a photo, add the measurement and you can zoom in or out.  It’s really handy when you are thinking about new furniture, like a rug for example and you can see whether or not it will fit.

We all know how important it is to create a mood board and MAGPIE keeps everything that inspires you in one place such as video and pictures.  You can also make your own notes and then print out your collections as moodboards. 

Peppermint2 is useful when you are not sure about colours and tones.  You may think your blue rug will go with your blue sofa, but if you get the shades wrong it can really clash rather than complement.  This app lets you try different combinations and shades.

And, there is of course the old fashioned way.  We frequently get customers bringing in bits of wallpaper, cushions or curtains to confirm the rug they want will match their design scheme.   

What do you prefer?

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hot, Hot, Hot

It’s the heart of the summer holidays and so what better time to introduce one of our new hot collections.  

We just love these rugs from the Ibiza collection - new in from our colleagues at Brink & Campman.  Made from 60% cotton and 40% jute and handmade in India, these rugs are perfect for the hippie in all of us.  Jute is a natural fibre often used in rugs because of its durability while the addition of cotton brings further softness.

These bright colourful designs will suit the modern home and would work well in low to medium traffic areas such as the lounge, dining room, bedroom or conservatory.  We also think teenage girls in particular would love the plaited look of the threads.

Choose accessories in bright blue like this cushion, pink like this lamp, or yellow like these candlesticks and bring the party home.  The Ibiza collection will look bright and cheerful all year round.

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