Monday, 19 March 2018

How about an oval rug?

FrithRugs offer rugs in a variety of shapes and so with Easter almost upon us, we thought we would share the benefits an oval shaped rug could bring to your room.

The Easter bank holiday is often the time people decide to spring clean their home and garden for the start of spring and summer.  One of the quickest and easiest ways to give your room a new look for the season is with the addition of a new rug.I f you are planning to buy a new rug any time soon think about something different to the usual rectangular shaped rug you always buy - your room could actually look better with an oval rug. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference a new rug can make to your room at minimum cost and effort.

Show off

An oval rug shape works well if you have a particular item of furniture that you want to show off - and both the rug and the furniture will become a focal point in the room. FrithRugs offer rounded rugs in both traditional and modern designs and so you are sure to find a rug to suit your home.

As a general rule, in a living room, try to make sure that all the main pieces of furniture, usually the sofa or an armchair, touch the circumference of the rug as it adds a sense of symmetry. If you have a large space you can use different rugs and different shaped rugs to highlight specific zones in the room.

In a bedroom an oval rug is lovely either at the foot of the bed or at the side of a bed.  Again if you have a large space you can use the rug to zone a particular area such as a reading or relaxation zone.

Nooks and crannies

Our customers also like our oval rugs for all those nooks and crannies – they work really well in a bay window as you can imagine.  And if you have a room that is quite angular with geometric or straight lines, an oval shaped rug will will really soften it.

So, this Easter come into store or browse online and treat yourself to an home accessory that will make your room feel eggciting again (sorry we couldn't resist!)  All our stores are closed on Easter Sunday.  

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Give mum flowers that will last a lifetime

It will soon be Mother’s Day (March 11th) and most mums, grandmothers, aunties and sisters appreciate a floral tribute.  This year, why not give them flowers that will last a lifetime and treat them to a fabulous floral rug from FrithRugs.  

Let's get tropical:  If your mum loves big and bold and enjoys making a statement then she would love something from our Nourison Tropical collections. These lush, tropical blooms will take centre stage and so any other floral accessories should take more of a supporting role

Traditional Chinese Rugs
Perhaps your mum is more of a traditionalist?  If so, she may prefer something from our Chinese rug collection - she could have her very own Oriental garden inside.  Our Chinese floral rugs sit well within both a modern and period design scheme and are available in a variety of colours and shapes to fit most room types.

If you are not sure what colour to choose for your mum then green is one of nature's most abundant colours for spring and is guaranteed to bring the outside in.  It is rejuvenating and welcoming and if you think a floral rug may not suit the lady in your life, choose a plain green instead.

English country garden  
If your mum or grandma prefers more of an English country garden style and something more subtle we recommend something from our Ella Claire collection which is exclusively available to FrithRugs. Some  of these designs bring to mind a typical cottage garden which your mum may prefer. 


We are confident you will find the perfect floral tribute among our floral rug collections.  FrithRugs floral rugs provide the inspiration needed to help blur the boundary between house and garden. And if your Mum loves flowers, these are bouquets that will stand the test of time.  

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