Saturday, 23 July 2016

Colour blind

Neutral is out and bold, bright and daring colour is in.  

When it comes to being that bit more daring with your d├ęcor, start small and   build up.  For example, start with a really out there accessory like one of our exclusive Vibrance rugs and then select one or two others accessories that match a couple of colours in the rug.

In this striped rug for example, you could choose red as your accent colour – a throw, a red glass lamp and perhaps one red wall, would look great.  Using the spot themed rug you could not only select a colour that you like but also find other big round colourful accessories, such as round cushions or a pouffe. It’s  easy to create your own artwork too – how difficult can it be to paint a red dot in the colour of your choice and then put it in  frame?

The Ella Claire Vibrance range is only available at FrithRugs and has been especially commissioned to celebrate colour!

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