Sunday, 12 October 2014

Interior design ideas for Chocoholics

It’s Chocolate Week so what better time to take a look at interior design using shades of chocolate - that’s the colour not the sweet of course.

Chocolate is a really versatile colour to use at home and there are several shades on the colour wheel - so whether you prefer dark or milk - it’s a shade that can make any room feel warm, welcoming and cosy.  Just the colour for autumn in fact.

Dark chocolate:

If you are looking for a very dark shade, black could be too much. However, using dark brown will give you the dramatic look you want but in a much more palatable and softer way.  We advise using a really dark shade sparingly and only in rooms that have a lot of natural light or that are quite big.  Remember dark colours will make any room look smaller and so it’s not a colour that you can use everywhere.

 You can of course introduce dark chocolate shades sparingly as accessories.  Dark brown rugs are perfect when you just want a hint of dark.  Team then with a few scatter cushions and some thick brown curtains.

Milk chocolate:

There are lots of lovely light brown shades available including tan, taupe, mocha and café au lait.  You can use light chocolate colours generously as they complement a similar number of neutral shades which makes them ideal for even the smallest rooms.  If you want to go for something bolder than neutral we love pale blue, coral or terracotta with milk chocolate shades.

As well as a mouth-watering choice of plain brown rugs we offer rugs featuring brown patterns and multi designs and if you opt for a heavily designed rug - keep the rest of your décor quite simple so that the rug is the focus of the room.

Open our box of chocolate rugs at and type ‘brown’ in the search box on the top right hand side of the page.
Everyone has a favourite chocolate - what’s yours?




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