Friday, 21 October 2016

Bonkers for Bollywood

Bollywood inspires not just fashion but our home interiors and you don’t need a huge budget to give your home a Bollywood makeover.   Let’ start with a rug – FrithRugs has numerous Indian rugs to choose from including classic deigns as well as kelims or plain coloured Dhurries – the term spoilt for choice springs to mind.
We offer a truly superb range of traditional Indian rugs for any budgets. For the true classicist, our Fine Indo Persian rug collection is sure to impress.  It offers exceptional detail thanks to the 250,000 intricate knots per square meter - a superb level of craftsmanship.   The Keshan collection uses designs from original Persian patterns – aside from our Indian rugs you can also buy these Keshan designs in convenient hall runner sizes and specifications.

The Indian Jaipur Silk Mix is a joy to both look at and walk on but if you are looking for Indian rugs to cover an area of busy footfall the Ziegler designs will fit the bill as they are created to be particularly hard wearing.   

But do you want modern Bollywood or classic?  Framed posters of a favourite Bollywood film are a good starting point – or how about stenciling dialogue on a wall or even on a print.  You can add a digital print to your cushions or even create clever posters
If you want more classic, opt for the classic rug and perhaps one piece of Indian furniture such as an Indian trunk that could be set against a plain wall.  Then on a shelf, you could add a brass of silver lamp or a finely detailed candlestick.  Another clever #Bollywood look would be to hang several tinted lanterns in a corner.

Have you got any other Bollywood ideas – let us know. 

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