Sunday, 24 September 2017

Our Floor Painting Rugs are a work of art for the floor

Sometimes we describe our rugs as paintings for the floor. We use this term when we think the design and quality of the rug is quite simply a work of art - and that's why we have a collection called Floor Paintings.

These rugs are exclusive to FrithRugs and part of our Ella Claire portfolio. You can't find these anywhere but here and this collection has proved so popular that we have introduced more designs.

It's no wonder these gorgeous rugs are proving so popular. They feature bold patterns to ensure that all eyes are drawn to the floor and they boast outstanding quality which means they feel as good as they look.

That's because these rugs are handknotted in India and thanks to the addition of 20% silk to the 80% wool they really are a statement rug for the discerning purchaser.

The original rugs in the collection use bold colour and design and work well in a contemporary setting - while the latest rugs to join this exclusive club ofter a softer and subtler colour palette which means they sit nicely in both a modern and traditional room.

Browse the collection online here - but if you are near one of our stores, pop in to feel and experience these Ella Claire Floor Paintings for yourself.

Friday, 15 September 2017

The colour experts Pantone have announced the most up and coming colours for the new autumn/winter season. So for those people who love to be bang on trend with their interior design schemes, we've found several rugs that feature the new season's must have colours. 

Grenadine is a powerful, evocative, dynamic red and we have found just the right shade in our Gabbeh collection. This range is handmade in North Eastern India and this particular colour is just what you need to inject a pop of colour to your room.  

Autumn Maple is a quintessential autumn colour, introducing warmth into your colour scheme. This rug is also taken from our Gabbeh collection.

Neutral grey is described as the standard bearer of all neutrals and we have to agree. Many people don't appreciate just what a flexible and yes, neutral colour  grey is.  It works well in a minimalist, neutral interior scheme but will also provide the calm tone for colours such as navy blue.  It's one of our favourites which is why you can find a really wide collection of grey rugs. This one, is taken from our Ella Claire naturals collection.  These luxurious 100% Viscose pile rugs are available in a vast array of sizes.  

Marina is cool, fresh and bright.  This is the colour scheme for those who refuse to accept summer is over.  This rug is taken from our exclusive Vibrance collection and will ensure memories of the Med are never too far away - even in deepest winter.

If you want to see the full range of new season colours go to

Sunday, 3 September 2017

How to create the Victorian look in your own home

With the hit ITV programme 'Victoria' back on our screens, plus the release of a new lavish film 'Victoria and Abdul' we expect to see many people enquiring about our traditional rugs as they seek to create a Victorian look in their own home.   

Often the biggest stars of these historical TV and film dramas are the locations and set designs which inspire people to recreate the Victorian style - however, fans of minimalist design should look away now! 

Thanks to the industrial revolution and mass production, the middle classes had the chance to emulate aristocratic homes for the first time - this meant filling every space in every room with accessories, furniture and fabrics -  the more you had the more wealth you had.  

The Victorians were an eclectic bunch and co-ordination was not a high priority. Excessive ornamentation, heavy upholstered furniture, patterned wallpapers and fabrics were prevalent in a range of styles from the gothic to the frivolous feminine rococo.  It was a time of Empire and so Indian and Oriental themes were also popular. 

But even for those who love Victoriana, this is probably too much and so where to start to get that touch of Victorian opulence?  On the floor, of course!  Rugs were often the centerpiece of the room and were also very highly patterned and the Victorians had a penchant for traditional and oriental designs.

Large rugs were common and they were laid to leave a border of polished floorboard around the room.  The Victorians were also very keen on runners and circular rugs, with the latter being used as a focus for an item of furniture such as a table.

FrithRugs isn home of traditional rugs which means you are sure to find something to suit your space and once you have found the perfect rug from our hundreds of designs, build up your Victorian space carefully.

Use heavily patterned wallpaper at least on one wall.  If you have the budget, invest in a Chesterfield sofa or at least one high backed chair. Furniture should be dark wood and a round or oval coffee table is also a key piece.  For those on a budget find a second-hand footstool - upholster it in a patterned fabric and find similar cushion covers.

In terms of accessories, damask or velvet lampshades in deep colours and a glass done bell to go over ornaments will add to the scheme. The finishing touch would be an item of faux taxidermy on the wall.  

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