Sunday, 21 August 2016

Expert advice on rug care

Some of our Oriental, Persian and Afghan rugs are works of art in themselves and can even be an investment for the future.  And so how do you best care of your investment rug?

Our expert team have some good advice.  There are three key rules
1.  Clean off stains as soon as possible
2.  Don’t use the vacuum brush
3.  Avoid direct sunlight.

When it comes to removing any stain – blot never rub and dilute immediately with water.  Blot inwards for maximum effect.  If this fails to remove your stain you may need to use a commercial cleaning solution – we don’t recommend any in particular but we do advise that you test the solution first, on the underside of the rug, or where it can’t be seen.  

We would also suggest that if you have a particularly expensive rug – don’t try washing it at home yourself - but let it be cleaned by the various rug washing experts on the market.

All rugs need regular vacuuming to keep the carpet clean. However, long pile or loop carpets are more delicate and should be vacuumed without a brush. If you see threads coming loose, don’t be tempted to pull them out – instead trim with scissors.
The sun can cause damage to furniture and rugs.  Many of our rugs will have natural substances in the colours and ideally we would advise that you place your rug away from direct sunlight completely to stop the colours fading.  However, if this is not feasible, rotate your rug once a month so that any fade will be across the rug rather than just in in one part.

Enjoy your rug!

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