Friday, 19 May 2017

Hints and tips on room decor

In this blog we will share our hints and tips to help you get your interior design just right.

Interior designers have a general rule – which is that 60% of the room features a main colour, 30% a second, complementary, colour - and the remaining 10 % is for accents like rugs. 

If you are totally redecorating and are not sure where to start, a good idea is to use a mood board which will show how different colours and textures will work together.  You can find lots of inspiration online.

To ensure your main colours work well together, find a colour wheel online and you can easily see how different shades and tones fit well.  Once you have the main colours decided, choose your accent colour, which is where the accessories come in, like curtains, cushions, throw and rugs.

If you want to inject some colour into your home then go for a really strong colour to complement your neutral or muted accessories.  For example, if you have pastel or pale blue walls try a really strong navy rug – if your walls have a pale pink tone – go for a red rug.  

In this image, the rug has added drama to what is quite a neutral colour palette - and we think it really brings the room to life. 


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Be confident in the provenance of your Indian Rug

Indian Rugs have always been popular with our discerning customers.

It's Fairtrade Day this weekend and so we thought this was a great opportunity to reassure our customers about the provenance of our Indian rugs.

As one of the UK’s biggest importers of rugs and carpets FrithRugs is keen to ensure that the products we sell have been produced to the highest standards and without exploitation.

We import directly from the manufacturer and insist that manufacturers conform to strict ethical policies which include the criteria than no child or slave labour is used in the production of rugs and carpets.  We also make unannounced and random visits to carpet looms and weaving areas to ensure that our policies are enforced.

We fully support and endorse RugMark (the international non-profit organization devoted to ending child labour in the handmade carpet industry in South Asia).  This is great for smaller importers and wholesalers.

However, as a company with major purchasing power, FrithRugs feel more confident in setting out and adhering to our own stringent polices which we can police and enforce.  We need to be confident in the provenance of FrithRugs and so we insist on our own labels which meet our own exacting standards.

This means you can purchase our Indian Rugs with confidence and complete peace of mind.

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