Sunday, 28 January 2018

As the trend for bare staircases is falling out of favour, consumers are looking for stair carpet that reflects their home and their lifestyle.  

Well it’s no surprise that our advice is period homes should stick to traditional designs, while newer properties and modern interior designs schemes  can go for something more contemporary.  And if you still like the idea of a bare stair, opt for a stair runner rather than a fitted carpet - and you can enjoy the bare stair look but without the noise and cold.
At FrithRug we offer lots of staircarpet designs to choose from. Traditional designs such as the Konia collection stair runners are 100% wool and based and based on original Persian designs.  The range features a lot of red and gold and so looks very grand and luxurious, making it ideal for period homes and homes with sweeping staircases.

Or you may prefer the stylish and classical Kasbah stair carpet. Manufactured using only the best raw materials for exceptional quality. These heavyweight carpets have a high quality, dense 100% polypropylene pile and are suitable for heavy traffic areas.  Available in a range of patterns and colourways, it’s a great choice for families.

More modern homes will prefer The Avenue collection, a hard wearing mix of 80% wool and 20% Polymide and great for busy homes.  From one colour designs to stripes and patterns, this is perfect for contemporary living.

If you do prefer one colour, then take a look at our Elysee collection, a hard wearing 100% wool, machine woven range. The designs are traditional with a slightly modern twist and these blocks of colour with all add warmth to your staircase or hallway.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Indian Indulgence

One of the quickest and easiest ways to introduce a flavour of India to any room is with the addition of an Indian rug.

India is a hugely diverse nation and so it stands to reason there is not really one single style that will reflect it.  With a culture that is thousands of years old, it’s not difficult to introduce Indian influences - there are such a lot to choose from and as the home of traditional rugs, you will find a huge selection of Indian flavours to choose from.

 Traditional rugs

  From the exceptional detail found in our Fine Indo Persian collection    rugs to the original Persian patterns found in our Keshan collection -      from the gorgeous look and touch of our Jaipur Silk Mix to the                classic Emperor designs which will grace any home, traditionalists        will find a design to suit their needs.

   Modern rugs

   And we haven’t forgotten those who want a more modern Indian rug.We have a collection of bold, bright Kelims  which will add a splash of contemporary colour and design to a room, while the block colours found in our Dhurrie flat weave rugs will pull your interior design theme together.   

India is all about colour.  We love all the colours found in our Indian rugs - they remind us of the spices that India is so famous for.  Bright red, burnt orange, sunny yellow, it’s not hard to reinvigorate a boring British lounge with an exotic taste of India.  Once you have your rug insitu, select a couple of colours from that and use it to add a couple more Indian pieces.

Perhaps the classic Buddha, or some paisley patterned cushions and throws on the sofa?  Don’t forget some well-placed metal hanging l lamps or tea light holders and some hand painted elephant ornaments.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Interior design trends for 2018

If you like your home to be as fashionable as your wardrobe, you'll want to know all about the interior design trends for 2018.

Our advice is to ensure that the expensive items in your home reflect your own personal style rather than a trend - so your sofa, your dining suite, your bookcase and so on, should be about what you love.  These are items that you will have to live with for a long time and most of us can't afford to change them every season.

However, you can easily bring any room bang up to date simply by changing accessories every year and that's why rugs are the perfect soft furnishing to reflect your passion for fashion.


Dulux and Pantone are two big brands that release what they believe will be some of the hottest colours of the year.  Dulux says its warm pink called Heart Wood will be an important colour for homes in 2018 and they have four complementary colour palettes to help you co-ordinate.  This plain rug is a good starting point.

However, Pantone say that ultra violet is the colour for 2018 and so at least you have a choice - if you are not keen on one, you can opt for the other and still show off your trend credentials.


Some interior designers are focusing on sustainability and recycling.  This means using natural materials where possible, cork on the walls and the floor will be popular.  From a rug perspective we have a selection of hemp rugs that will appeal to those who like natural products.  And if you are replacing an old rug with a new one, why not try the older rug in a different room?  The rug in your dining room could look fabulous in your bedroom - give it a try.

Minimal with colour:

Scandinavian style is still popular but sometimes that neutral colour palette needs an accent.  If you want to splash some colour into a neutral room, the best way to do this is with a rug in any vibrant colour.  This will help your space to feel luxurious and energetic.  Something from our Vibrance  collection would work.

Have fun creating your own style at home - and nobody needs to be a slave to fashion - you could start a new trend all of your own.

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