Saturday, 9 June 2018

Go Global

If you are looking to embrace the latest interior designs style of rustic, summer is the ideal time to mix and match designs from around the world.  From sun bleached to scorched earth, FrithRugs has some handy tips to help you get the look.

Forget matching wooden furniture, you can inject some earthy vibes by mixing and matching your wood.  A mahogany coffee table, an oak side table and additional textures such as a rattan basket or earthenware pots and it’s easy to get the look.  Pull the whole thing together with a Moroccan style tribal rug.

You can create a laid-back Nomadic look by piling on different textures – it’s supposed to look effortlessly messy – but only you will know how hard you have worked to get it right! On the sofa, you need cushions of different shapes and sizes and covered in various textures from faux fur to wool to feathers.  Layer on different throws again in contrasting but complementary colours – again using different textures is key.  And then a bright Bokhara rug will complete the design.

To go global in any room of the house remember the key colour palette is ochre, coral and burnt orange.  You can complement these with greys, blue and soft pinks.  Don’t be afraid to experiment as breaking the rules can be fun – wood and woven materials are a great match.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Shabby Chic Bedrooms

Trends come and go but there is no doubt that the shabby chic vintage interior design trend is a classic that will stand the test of time.

One room where shabby chic remains popular is the bedroom, probably because it is such a lovely romantic look that can work well in both a very contemporary space as well as a period home.

The vintage bedroom offer the perfect antidote to our busy, stressful lives and will help you to relax in style and imagine a time when life was not quite as frantic. 

The main item of furniture in any bedroom is the bed.  If your bed doesn't have the right headboard for your vintage theme, Pinterest has lots of fabulous idea on how to make your own.  Then it's just a case of finishing the bed with the right bedding - cottage garden or white - along with some cushions and the central point of the room has been transformed. 

French style furniture is ideal vintage but if this is out of your price range have a look in second hand shops and charity shops for older furniture that you can sand down and then paint white.  

For the lighting, it has to be a chandelier of course and there are lots of fabulous options to choose from on the high street from budget to blow out.

Display pretty perfume bottles, print out your favourite images from a website or have black and white family photographs and then frame them and hang above a dressing table.  However, it's important to keep clutter to a minimum.

On the floor, bare floorboards are ideal but any hard wood flooring will be transformed with the addition of one of our stunning Aubusson rugs.  These are the perfect accessory for any shabby chic room and will really pull the look together.  Voila!

Bokhara rugs are traditional rugs

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