Friday, 24 May 2019

Game of Thrones inspired interior design

If your life will never be the same as Game of Thrones has finished – fear not, we have some great ideas for Game of Thrones inspired interior design. But of course, before you start thinking about introducing 'Thrones' to your home, you must first decide which of the seven kingdoms is most suited to your interior design style.
Now we are not talking about making a total Game of Thrones takeover here – we are suggesting ways you could introduce quite subtle touches from your favourite show. Regardless which is your favourite kingdom – no pastels or neutral shades are allowed.  We are talking brash, bold d├ęcor which could be taken from the cold North or the more sumptuous Kings Landing.
If you want your own home to be more Winterfell than the exotic capital – you should get your inspiration from the Scandi home.  The set uses a lot of wood and stone in the interiors and so you can translate this to brick exposed walls, stone mantels and wooden floors.

FrithRugs sheepskin rugs are perfect for your cold North home – not just on the floors but also on sofas, beds and chairs – you can even hang them on the wall.  And if you really wanted to go totally Thrones – you can even buy a winter wolf wall mural!
In terms of lighting, look for metallic lights, but ideally you want to see as a display of large melting candles – even if they are just for display purposes (don’t put candles near anything flammable and remember to extinguish when not in the room). You can even buy battery powered candles which would work just as well.
Kings Landing
Wood flooring also works well for Landing lovers but go for a lighter oak effect.  You could also select a terracotta style tile flooring if you prefer.  
The great thing about this kingdom is the opulence and style associated with a capital – once you have your flooring, invest in some colourful quality rugs to add depth and richness.  FrithRugs offer some fabulous pieces in our Afghan/Persian collections – where red and gold are prevalent.

For other pieces, think Mediterranean inspired ideas – warm colours such as mustard, orange and red and beautiful antique pieces – or at least, faux antique pieces.  It’s all about giving the appearance of opulence so pick up pieces where you see them, whether that’s in an antique shop or the High Street.
Winter is coming - well actually it's been and gone but you can always watch again!

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Love style? Love Afghan/Persian rugs

Do you consider yourself to have style and elegance?  Is your home full of beautiful things?  If so, you are going to love our Afghan and Persian rug collections and you’ll soon see why the FrithRugs brand is synonymous with traditional rugs.
Afghan Art
Our Afghan rugs are quite simply a work of art in their own right.  Some are influenced by Persian design, others have a more Oriental style – regardless of what type of design draws your attention, you can be sure your Afghan rug has been perfectly crafted by experts. 
For example, the Afghan Mushwani Tribal rugs are made in Western Afghanistan – they tend to use darker colours and they are usually available in smaller sizes to suit a more compact room.
Kelims are still made using vegetable dyes and their striking patterns complement modern neutral colour schemes as well as period homes.  The offer a flat tapestry and predominantly feature colours of blue, green, yellow, and red in geometric patterns
Meanwhile the Kaynak collection often feature bigger and bolder designs in bright blue and red and their strong colour will brighten any room.  Many of these rugs are available in a range of sizes and shapes.
Perfect Persian
For the more discerning homebuyer a Persian rug is the rug to have on the floor. The art of carpet weaving in Iran originated more than 2,500 years ago. Throughout Iran’s history, Persian rugs have been woven by both nomads and royal court producers and there are hundreds of Persian rug types because they are named after the tribe that created them or the area they were from.
Even though today’s rugs have been updated, very little has changed in terms of the way they are made and in particular the use of vegetable and plant dye.  
These products are among the most expensive rugs on the market, however, many are of exceptionally fine quality and designs which often include patterns native to the area the rug was woven.
FrithRugs stock an amazing range of Persian rugs in numerous sizes and designs and our experts are happy to guide you through the buying process to ensure you select the rug that is right for you and your home.
It’s no wonder that our stately homes, palaces, museums and historic houses contain Persian rugs – they have always been recognised as prestigious objects and if you enjoy the finer things of life, then your home deserves one of these original works of art.
Browse our full collection of Afghan and Persian rugs online or in one of our outlets and with such a wide choice available, you are sure to find a rug that will suit your home.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

How could Meghan and Harry decorate the new baby's nursery?

We are delighted that baby Sussex has arrived and we can’t help but wonder what his parents have planned for his nursery.
We have had some hints about Meghan’s interior design style.  In the days before Meghan met Harry, she had several photo shoots in her Toronto home and featured it on her Instagram post and so we got a sneak peek at how she likes to live.
We can see she likes the laid-back style typically associated with California. White linen comfy sofas and bedding and white flowing window dressings – but while she may love the cool sophistication of white –  is it the ideal colour for a nursery?
We’ve also spotted a few Boho elements – a Moroccan rug and sheepskin throws – which suggest she likes mixing textures and this is typical of the Danish hygge theme – cool, cosy and chic.  And so, if we assume she is using hygge in the nursery, we’ve taken a guess at what it may look like.
Feminist Meghan is unlikely to use traditional colours like blue for her son and it’s likely the room with be gender neutral.  Rather than white, it has been suggested that Meghan is using various shades of grey (using vegan paint) which as we have always said is a fabulous neutral colour. She may opt for wooden flooring also in grey and while a wood floor is practical it is not particularly warm.  However, we know Meghan likes sheepskin which will add texture and warmth and is perfect for warming baby toes.
White flowing window dressings are not great for babies and toddlers and she will probably opt for black out blinds - in dark grey.  She has also shown a preference for wicker and rattan and so there is sure to be some element of that in the room – perhaps a rattan rocking chair.
If there is not a sheepskin on the floor it may be found on said rocking chair so that mum and baby can snuggle up at feeding time.  Both Meghan and Harry are keen environmentalists and the main rug is likely to be made from 100% wool, arguably the most sustainable product they can buy.  In order to break up all the grey and to play to her love of boho – a beautiful bold kelim would be ideal.
She also loves metallic photo frames and so not doubt the room will be adorned with pictures of the new family as their baby reaches key milestones.
Finally, Harry is a keen techie and the couple are keen to install all the latest baby gadgets which may explain the £150,000 budget that has apparently been spent on the nursery.  For the rest of us mere mortals who may want to create a hygge nursery there are three golden rules:
1.      Use a neutral colour palette
2.      Cosy is key and so sheepskin and other shaggy or long pile rugs      are essential – on the floor or used as throws

3.      Don’t be afraid to use different textures to layer up that essential      cosiness.

Bokhara rugs are traditional rugs

The FrithRugs name is synonymous with traditional rugs and these are true masterpieces that never go out of style.  What’s more, a trad...