Sunday, 17 December 2017

Hygge at home

This time of year is the perfect time to embrace the hygge philosophy – especially at home.

The Scandinavian people are supposed to be the happiest in the world and so at this time of year in particular, we thought it would be useful to embrace some of that happiness using hygge.

Most Scandinavians will tell you that hygge is more of a concept than an actual thing, but many here have described it as meaning happiness - and at home that means relaxing and enjoying the small things in life.  This is particularly true at this very busy time of year when we do so much running around that we often forget to ‘stop and smell the roses’.

A hygge home is essentially a warm, comfortable space that reflects your personality.  It is about creating intimacy and soothing the senses.  A time to switch off the technology and instead light a few candles – candles are at the heart of the hygge home.

For that cosy, warm feeling, think texture – the softer the better.  Our super soft sheepskin rugs for example couldn’t be better for hygge – you can use them on the back of the sofa or on the floor, whatever you prefer.

The hygge home should reflect your personality, it’s not about the latest trend.  Have some special things on show that mean a lot to you, books, LPs, photographs, your mums old sewing box – whatever makes you feel happy and secure.

Colours are generally natural or muted.  A wooden floor and cream walls but if you do want to add a dash of colour, pale blue or Santa red in small amounts are perfect.  We love these rugs which incorporate the colours beautifully.

As Scandinavian nights are so long, it’s always best to hygge with friends and here at home ‘tis the season to gather your nearest and dearest to enjoy food, drink, conversation and laughter.

Happy hygge!

Saturday, 9 December 2017

What's your favourite Christmas interior theme?

In this latest blog we pick three of our favourite interior design themes for Christmas.


The traditional Christmas home will feature lots of seasonal colours including of course, plenty of red.  Red is the forever festive colour, always associated with this time of year. Red baubles, red tinsel, red crackers and party hats – the traditional home will be awash with red in all of its various shades.

If you want to pick up the traditional theme in your home furnishings it’s relatively easy to give your home a quick traditional Christmas makeover simply by adding some red accessories such as rugs, cushions and throws.

Natural Christmas

Going back to nature at this time of year is becoming more popular as people reject the ‘shop bought’ decorations in favour of quite literally, home grown alternatives. 

Naturally a real Christmas tree is a must but instead of using tinsel and baubles the ‘naturalist’ will opt for pine cones, mistletoe, holly and berries to dress it - and the room.  Instead of fairy lights, lots of candles or better still battery operated versions, will provide the twinkle and handmade decorations like good old fashioned paper chains and oranges with cloves will add to the mood.

If you’re looking for a natural look, then your home furnishings should be more subtle and shades of green should be the main focus.  This green rug is the perfect accessory for your natural theme. 

Go Scandinavian

Hygge means happy in Danish and when it comes to our homes, you want to create a cosy, warm feel. Our European neighbours in Scandinavia have been doing this for years by using a palette of neutrals featuring cream walls, blonde wooden furniture and pale wood floors. 

The Scandinavian Christmas look features several key pieces throughout the room from the lightly dressed real Christmas tree to wooden hearts, large candles, and perhaps a string of silver lights across the hearth. 

If you do want to introduce a dash of colour, it’s literally just that – a dash. Perhaps a red candle, a green wreath or even a blue table runner. Keep the soft furnishings light and add in a luxurious long pile shaggy rug to complete the Scandinavian mood.

There’s no place like home at Christmas!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

As snug as a bug in a shaggy rug

How do you feel about winter?  Some people don't like the dark nights and frosty mornings but here at FrithRugs we love it - it’s time to shut the curtains, turn up the heating and make our home as cosy as we can. And you can't get much cosier than a shaggy rug.

Shaggy rugs are the perfect seasonal complement and whatever the style of your home or your room we’ve got a shaggy rug to suit your needs thanks to our numerous collections.  

From genuine sheepskin rugs, to platted rugs, from the bold colours found in our Polyester shaggies to the luxury of our flokati rugsyou are sure to find a shaggy rug in store or on our website 


The Scandinavian or ‘Scandi’ interior design theme continues to be popular and if this is the look you want, then your shaggy rug should ideally be cream, white or beige. 


If you are looking for a single colour shaggy to complement a specific colour scheme we have something to suit every budget.  From our Lippa rugs which are made from polypropylene but feel like wool - to the beautiful pale colours found in our polyester shaggies.


A modern room set may suit the Fantasia shaggy.  The strands of different colours blend to create a kaleidoscopic effect that really makes a statement,  while a rug from the Safari collection adds elegance thanks to its plush faux fur which adds texture and warmth to any room. 

Nothing says Christmas like a shaggy rug - lay one in front of your fire and it really is the season to be jolly - but don't forget shaggy rugs are also fabulous in the bedroom - just the thing for cosy toes in the morning.  And many of our shaggy rugs are available as circles which makes them extra appealing.

Celebrate winter!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

White Out!

While a white or cream room may look fabulous on the pages of a glossy magazine, for most of us it’s a look that won’t work in reality. Kids, pets and just the detritus of life means a pure white room is impractical.  However, there’s no reason why we can’t be clever with our use of white or cream to create rooms that real families can live in. 
White rules:

White is never boring - it can actually be a really dramatic colour.  It is one of the few colours where you won’t have to worry too much about using different shades.   Many interior designers are happy to mix and match not only different shades but different textures and fabrics to create a layered look that adds depth to a room.  With hundreds of white shades available you will find several to suit your room and personality.

Soft whites and creams are perfect if you want to create a peaceful and calming environment and work particularly well in small rooms as they will make the space look bigger.
For continuity all around the home, use white or a shade of it on all the walls, or even on all the floors - it will help with the flow of your home.

And by using all white, if you like to change your rooms to match the season, a white room is the perfect back drop as all you have to do is change the accessories.  In the spring, add a dash of green, in summer inject a shot of blue, in autumn add orange, and in the winter celebrate the festive season with red.  You can still enjoy the natural, clean lines of your white or cream space but the shot of colour will make it feel like a real home rather than a show home. 

White rugs: offers white rugs in its shaggy collections. From the machine made polypropylene rug which looks fabulous and offers little or no shedding - to the polyester rug which is ideal for those on a budget offering value for money while not compromising on quality.

If pure white doesn't appeal, we have dozens of cream rugs in contemporary and classic designs.  These rugs are available in numerous shapes, sizes and price points which means you are sure to find something to suit your home and style.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Autumn florals

Autumn has to be one of our favourite times of year and thanks to FrithRugs range of autumnal floral rugs you can enjoy the season indoors as well as outside.

We have a superb range of floral rugs from the big, bold blooms found in the Nourison Tropics range to the smaller, most abstract designs found in our Ella Claire collections which are exclusive to FrithRugs.

Blooming Big!

If you want to be bold then the large, dark and dramatic prints found in the Tropics collection are for you.  These rugs are really fashionable as intense and exciting interiors feature quite heavily in this season's design trends.

To complement the look try using velvet in your other accessories - curtains, cushions and throws - but keep any other floral accessory to a minimum and let the rug do the talking.  These rugs will also suit larger rooms as they could dominate a smaller space.

The great thing about big and bold is that it doesn't feel to girlie and can be as masculine as you want it to be and if you get the look right, the room will have a modern art feel.

Contemporary Florals

We think this rug taken from our Ella Claire Indian Rug Collection, which is exclusive to FrithRugs, really suits the season.  The shades of burnt orange and green make it easy to find other accessories to complement the rug and these warm earthy tones are ideal to ensure your room feels lovely and cosy. offers a wide range of floral rug designs featuring modern and classical interpretations.  The general rule with a floral rug is to keep the rest of your room pared-back as florals can sometimes be overwhelming.  Rather than use other florals, pick a shade of colour from the rug and use that to bring your interior design theme together.  

For example in the tropics rug here, find pillows or cushions in a similar pale blue - they can have pattern providing you have lots of white/cream background to it.   

Find your perfect at

Friday, 10 November 2017

Now that the nights are drawing in, the leaves are falling from the trees and the weather has turned colder - its the time of year when hibernation looks like a great idea.

We want our homes to feel warm and cosy - a place where, after a hard day at work, we can close the front door, pull the curtains together and banish the dark and cold completely. This season, autumnal shades are dark and exciting, although pared-back naturals are also on trend.

Truly Madly Deeply

If you like excitement and drama, the deeper the colour the better.  Think emerald green and purple for your key accessory such as a rug.  As always select your new rug and then build your other key pieces around the colours and shades found in this focal point.

Start with this Mahal rug for example and you could complement the look with green, pale pink and cream accessories  Velvet is very popular right now and so a selection of velvet cushions and complementary velvet curtains will bring your room right up to date.  Introduce some dark green plants too, real or fake, it doesn't matter. This look is particularly suited to a traditional period home but you can adapt the scheme in a modern home if you use plenty of cream or white.

Au naturale

The autumn season is nature at her very best and if you love the idea of celebrating all things natural then its never been easier to go au naturale at home.  Start with a rug in a natural shade.  Our exclusive Sophie collection designs ensure that natural doesn't have to be boring.  Using shades such as cream, biscuit, taupe and beige these textured 100% wool rugs boast a high/low pile density which gives them plenty of character.

Other accessories should include stunning organic ceramic pieces, linen cushion covers, jute throws, hand carved bowls and woven lampshades.  Add some real plants to bring all the natural elements together in this contemporary home interior trend whose colour palette should comprise pale white, creams and light greys. 

Happy hibernating

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Fireworks at home

Our exclusive Vibrance collection

Even if you are not setting off your own fireworks or attending an official event, you can usually enjoy all the colours of somebody else's firework in the night sky - but we've got some fabulous colourful rugs for those people who appreciate dazzling design and an explosion of colour.

Our Vibrance collection is the place to start your search for some colour.  As the name suggests, it features contemporary rugs in vibrant colours. Available in numerous sizes and made from 100% wool, you won't find these rugs anywhere else - as they are exclusive to FrithRugs.  If you are looking for a statement rug - take at look at the full range.

Or, check out another exclusive range, the Ella Claire Exclusive collection.  This offers beautiful handmade rugs that use the finest wool with touches of viscose to enhance the colour and design. The smooth, plush pile is a joy to walk on as well as being a treat for the senses.

These rugs really do turn up the heat and bring a warm glow to your autumn/winter decor.  The bright pops of colour are just what you want to cheer up a dark, dreary winter night - just because it's miserable outside, it doesn't have to feel that way inside.

When you have such a wow accessory in any room, you should ensure that other pieces are more subtle.  However, the great thing about having a colourful rug is that you can take one or two colours from the rug to co-ordinate.  In the example above, you're spoilt for choice - mustard, red, blue, orange - a few cushions in the shame colours and perhaps a couple of ornaments in the same colours and you're done.

Have a safe and enjoyable Bonfire Night everyone.

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