Thursday, 8 November 2012

1920s Downton Style

Our followers can't get enough of our Downton design ideas and this time we're looking at 1920s Downton Abbey which has resulted in a revived interest in the clothes and d├ęcor of the decadent roaring 20s.

This is post war Europe, a time to forget the horrors of the past and look to a bright future.  It’s the time when interior design as a profession really came into being as the royals, the rich and the extravagant hired creative and often over the top personalities to design their homes.

Bauhaus was making an impact and art deco became the new style for the sophisticated.

The traditional had to make way for a new style of geometric and angular shapes.  Chrome and glass replaced walnut and rosewood, while contemporary images of cruise liners and skyscrapers ousted the gothic ornate bust and sombre family prints.

Safaris and travel to exotic destinations were also popular and so people were keen to inject some exotic touches from the travels into their home.

Flooring would have probably been polished parquet or lino in the black and white chequerboard design.  These would then be overlaid with large rugs, often circular, featuring a geometric or abstract pattern.

Walls would have been quite plain and glossy and metallic fabrics would complement the chrome and glass furniture.  Accessories were kept to a minimum with one or two very strong pieces rather than the clutter so beloved of the Victorians.

It’s a look that still works well today and it’s easy to recreate it in your own home.  Here are some of our favourite pieces:

  1. Chair from
  2. Art deco rug from
  3. Cushion from
  4. 1920s mirror from
  5. statue from
  6. Circular rug from

Monday, 21 May 2012

Month of May

May is traditionally the month when our ancestors really went to town in celebrating the coming of summer after the dark days of winter. Even the Romans celebrated the festival of Flora, which marked the beginning of summer.

And so with this in mind we’ve had a look at some of our favourite rugs which we think specifically represent this lovely time of year:


This Laura Jade rug reminds us of the traditional Maypole dancing carried out across the country on May Day.  The rug from our Laura Jade collection features strands of colour which has echoes of the long bright ribbons used around the May Pole.

Festival of Flora

The Romans recognised the importance of this particular time of year when new flowers and fruits started to grow and provide the vital harvest for the rest of the year. If you want to bring the outside in, you’ll love our very own tribute to Festival of Flora found in the Tropics collection.

Green and pleasant rugs 

Green is the colour often associated with re-birth and re-growth at this time of year.  From our green and pleasant countryside to the symbolic ‘green man’ – we Brits love the colour green. FrithRugs has a generous collection of green rugs to suit every home, like this one from the Brink and Campman Luna range.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year from Frith Rugs!

The end of this month marks the Chinese New Year, which falls on the 23rd of January. This year is the year of the Dragon and according to Chinese tradition, this means excitement, unpredictability, exhilaration and intensity!

Why not take a look at the vast selection of Chinese rugs we have here at FrithRugs?

With a variety of patterns available, including stunning dragon prints, you can transform any room with a bold and colourful rug to last you throughout the year of the dragon and beyond:


This stunning rug will not only make a statement in your home due to its deep red colour, but will also fit in perfectly with the Year of the Dragon. Grab 10% off this rug before the sale ends at the end of January.

Rugs don’t always have to be square or rectangular to fit into your home, and FrithRugs have a variety of Chinese rugs that come in all shapes and sizes such as this lovely green round rug.

This stunning dark blue rug has a regal feel to it, and its intricate design of flowers and birds reflect China’s rich and fascinating culture and history. This rug also has 10% off its original price until the end of the month.

Another dramatic design that features the famous Chinese dragon, a rug which comes in a variety of other colours at FrithRugs. This rug will be an ideal addition to a room that’s light, airy and neutral in colour. 

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