Monday, 30 January 2017

Period Homes - a favourite read

Period Homes & Interiors magazine is always a good read.
We love being able to look at other people's homes and see how they manage to totally transform rooms and even entire houses and of course, thanks to the 'get the look' feature afterwards we can see how we too can perhaps recreate their great ideas in our own homes.
In the January issue of the magazine they have included a Focus on #Rugs which includes one of our Vibrance designs.  The article describes it as gorgeously geometric and says that it is perfect for adding a splash of bright colour.

Hard floors remains very popular in most rooms of the house and while they are easier to clean and harder wearing than carpet, the magazine quite rightly says they can appear unyielding and so adding a rug will add comfort and colour - we have to agree.

It's always great fun selecting the rug that you think will be suit your room - picking out colours from some other item such as curtains or a piece of artwork is often a good starting point.  Make sure you also get the right sized rug for your room, as a general rule the bigger the rug, the bigger your room will feel.  And try to think outside of the usual rules - perhaps a circular rug would be a better fit than a rectangular one.
On a practical level, don't forget to buy underlay as this prevents your rug from creeping and creasing which can prematurely wear your rug out. 

Friday, 27 January 2017

Interior design trends for 2017

What's hot for the well-dressed home this spring/summer? Most wardrobes will have at least one fashionable piece for the season and similarly every home should have at least item of furniture that is bang on trend.

Greenery has been named the 2017 Pantone colour of the year and its meant to refresh and revitalise - it's certainly a lovely cheery shade that will brighten up any room. 

Patterns are also big this year.  Forget the usual rules of interior design when it comes to pattern feel free to mix and match.  A patterned rug, paisley cushions and zig zag curtains - you can go wild!  

Tropical prints have been seen on the international catwalks and interior stylists often take their lead from fashionistas. These bold designs are not to everyone's taste and the easiest way to go tropical if with a rug while keeping most other furniture items quite plain.

Navy is the new black when you are looking for the perfect accent colour. It works brilliantly with most other colours and unlike black it won't make a room feel too small.  

Finally, inventive geometrics that combine ancient culture with modern life are also a big theme for 2017. Simple lines and triangles are the key and our Moroccan style tribal rugs work the trend well.


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