Monday, 24 July 2017

Finding the perfect rug for your shabby chic interior

Do you love #shabbychic interior design?  This interior decor style remains popular and finding the perfect home accessory to complement the look can sometimes be difficult.  

FrithRugs recommends its Aubusson rugs as the ideal finishing touch to any shabby chic interior. 

Aubusson rugs are French carpets famous for their intricate and delicate designs.  They are flat woven and have the look of of a needlepoint or tapestry. The history of Aubusson rugs suggest the first looms appeared in Aubusson in the 1300s but their fame is largely associated with the Renaissance period. 

Originally based on Turkish design, in the late 1600s Aubusson rug designs started to replicate the motifs of Savonnerie rugs favoured by the King, however, thanks to the Aubusson weavers, they became available to others in the aristocracy of Europe.

Although Aubusson production stopped around the 1870s, today skilled weavers in China replicate these lovely designs and they retain their quintessential French look which makes them ideal if you are looking for that shabby chic or French farmhouse style look at home.

FrithRugs Aubusson collection feature luxurious designs created in mellow pastels in 100% pure wool and hand stitched in China. Available in a range of sizes, the collection will be appreciated by the discerning home owner who appreciates the finer things in life.

To complete you shabby chic look, look for old furniture that you can upcycle, add in some stunning chandeliers, a large mirror and some pretty floral cushions and voila – you’ve got it! 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Be Brave with Colour

A recent report said that we Brits would love to use more colour at home, but we are afraid of getting it wrong.  So, if that sounds like you  - then why not have a go at colour blocking?

Colour blocking remains an interior design style that doesn’t go out of style.  Essentially, it does what it says on the tin.  Rooms are decorated and dressed using blocks of bright, often primary colours and there isn’t a neutral colour to be seen.  Beige is banned and the result is a very modern, grown up room that dares to use those colours that normally would not be paired together.

FrithRugs has several collections which feature rugs in one colour and we would recommend that you use a rug to pull together and co-ordinate the whole room.

Lime green, shocking pink, turquoise, pillar box red… you name it, you can colour block it.  You can also use the same colours in different hues or shades - the only rule is, don’t follow any rules!

Don’t know where to start - we do!  If you have a brown sofa, opt for a red rug and mustard cushions.  Have a grey sofa, why not buy a pink armchair and then go for a blue rug and green cushions.  Have a black leather suite?   Select red cushions, invest in a purple rug and try white shelving.  We did say forget the usual rules.

Colour blocking means using primary colour where possible and some of the following collections are a great place to find that all important accessory - Gabbeh, Emily, Basketweave and Plain.

Have fun.

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