Sunday, 28 April 2019

If you like to refresh your interior décor now and again, you already know that one of the quickest and easiest ways to give your room a new look is with the addition of a new rug.

A rug is the perfect accessory to pull your interior design scheme together.  It is often the focal point of the room and it's easy to use the colours in a rug in your other home accessories.

If you are a true follower of fashion then you will want your décor to be bang on trend and one way you can do this in 2019 is by including the colour of the year in your interior design scheme.  The colour for this year according to colour guru Pantone is Living Coral - a vibrant shade with earthy undertones.

This shade is believed to add energy and symbolise optimism and joy and it is a nurturing colour that appears naturally.  FrithRugs advise using this colour in spaces where you may need to foster a creative vibe - in the office, a hobby room or in the dining room where you want to encourage conversation.

However, as it is such a strong colour, it one that has to be used carefully.  We think this is such a great choice for your home accessories as you are more likely to use it as a pop of colour on your accents, such as rugs, pillows, cushions and throws, which will bring your room bang up to date without costing the earth.

Rugs like these shown are perfect for introducing coral which makes it an easy way to incorporate the trend without totally overhauling your room. 

Colours that complement coral include metallic accents such as bronze.  We also love it with natural shades such as cream or beige and for those who prefer minimal but want something to liven it up a little - this is the ideal choice.  

If you want to go bolder, then the ideal complementary colour to this shade is blue and this really is the perfect accent colour combo and is perfect for those of you who love the boho eclectic look.

If you want to make your rug the focal point of this colour scheme - then let your rug do the talking and use the colour sparingly elsewhere - perhaps a lampshade or even a piece of wall art.

We'd love to see how you use this colour so please feel free to share your pictures.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Let the sun shine in with a yellow rug

If you wander down any British high street at the moment you will see that yellow is a very popular colour found in most shop windows.  Where fashion leads, interior design often follows and FrithRugs loves yellow for spring/summer 2019.

Yellow is after all the colour of sunshine, flowers and freshness and with so many shades to choose from, it is no wonder that our yellow rugs are proving a big hit this season.  Yellow will add light and positivity to any room and yellow offers numerous versatile shades that can be used as accents or as the star of the show.

Which colours complement yellow?

If you look at the colour wheel you will see that directly opposite yellow is purple.  This means they are complementary colours and providing you ensure you keep to the same tones you could create a crafted room that will look beautifully elegant.

However, if purple makes your nervous, opt for grey as yellow’s complementary colour scheme.  Both yellow and grey are such versatile colours and you really can’t go wrong with this colour combo.

Yellow rugs

We’ve added two shades of yellow to our latest Lippa collection rugs.  One is a really vibrant colour, the other a little muted -
but either choice will add a zing to your room and is the perfect way to introduce a sunny aspect.  These rugs are hand tufted in India from 100% wool and are available
from stock for next day delivery across the UK.  Simply find coordinating cushion, throws or candles in the same shade and your new season room is ready to impress.

If you prefer a subtler way to introduce yellow, you will love this striped rug from our Ella Claire exclusive collection or rugs.  This rug is not available anywhere else and we think it will suit a contemporary interior. This design is handmade in India, using the finest wool with touches of viscose to enhance the colours and design. The smooth plush pile is a joy to walk on and this is also available from stock in a vast amount of sizes.

Let the sunshine in with a yellow rug from FrithRugs.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Outdoor rugs for the perfect living space - outside

Despite the vagaries of the British weather, research suggests that more of us than ever before are transforming our outdoor space into a living space that we try to use as much as possible. 

We are extending our indoors – outdoors, and so whether you have a small yard or a large garden, chances are you will have contributed to the millions of pounds which are being invested by homeowners every year on garden furniture and accessories.

In response to this trend, FrithRugs now has a new collection of rugs whichcan be used outdoors.  These rugs are the perfect complement to your external living area and can be used in a variety of way to dress your much loved outside space in the same way as you would dress any other.


On a rain free spring or summer day, many of us like to sip our weekend morning coffee on the patio.  Even the smallest space can be 'dressed' to extend the living space from your kitchen, dining room, living room or conservatory.

This space, because it is so close to the inside of your home, could become a seamless blend of the two by using the same colour scheme.  For example, if your inside room is decorated in shades of white, then your patio space should be too.  If your dining room is red, add dashes of red to your patio area.

You could purchase a bistro set that uses the same colours, enjoy flowering plants that are the same shades and, of course add a new outside rug.  As we are working with a small space on the patio, you should place your furniture on top of the rug and this will very quickly ensure this bijou external space looks very much part of the interior.

Garden or yard

Dressing a bigger space which is slightly further away from your home's entrance means you can start your external décor style from scratch.  There are so many different styles you can use, from country cottage rustic to space age minimalism.  

Much will depend on what your existing space look like - if you do have a country garden, then it makes sense your décor follows this theme.  A whitewashed courtyard may suit a Mediterranean feel or, a Japanese garden may suit a minimalist approach.

This means buying garden furniture that complements the environment and the space.  Once your furniture is arranged, make it more like a room using garden screens or even a wall of shrubs and plants standing in colour co-ordinated pots.  As you now have more space, your garden rug can be used in the same way you would use it inside a home.  Make it the focal point and stand furniture around it - or put your food/drinks table on it. The rug colour should match your cushions/throws and plant pots.

For early evening and late nights, garden lighting is a vital mood and atmosphere enhancer and with so many choices available, from fairy lights to festoon lights to solar lights you are sure to find the ones that best suit your personality. 

Finally, think about the most suitable heating for your garden environment - is a fire pit more your style or would you prefer a patio style heater? 

You will be surprised at how the addition of a rug in your outside space will make all the difference when it comes to creating a cosy liveable space outdoors.  Browse to see the full range. 

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