Thursday, 12 December 2013

We're dreaming of a white Christmas!

Whether you like snow or not, most people will agree that a bit of the white stuff at Christmas really helps us get in the festive mood.  But you don’t have to wait for the weather to turn,  because you can create a white Christmas of your own - indoors.
A white interior scheme can be perfect all year round but remember it is probably not practical if you have small children or animals.  One of the great things about white is that it is a colour with lots of different shades and tones and so you are sure to find the right white for you. From brilliant white to ivory, from cream to vanilla and dozens more, white it never boring.
White works really well with the various Christmas decorations around at the moment including the metallics, found in baubles, natural products such as logs and s and Christmas trees and it is also the perfect backdrop for vibrant colours such as the ever popular Christmas red.
You will need to decide whether you are going to make white the whole focus of your room or whether you want to use it with a feature colour.
White Out!

For the complete white look we suggest starting your design scheme with a large white rug such as a shaggy Flokati rug.  These are graded by the weight of the wool (in grams) per square meter and we have different grades ranging from 1,500g to 3,000g. The more wool present in a rug, the heavier it is and the heavier it is, the higher the grade.


Our gorgeous Flokati rugs
If you don’t have white sofas and chairs, it’s easy enough to use throws and lovely white cushions to change their look but use different tactile fabrics such as cable knits, suede and faux fur your accessories as this will help to give the look more interest.  For other occasional furniture like a coffee table for example opt for blonde or natural wood. 

For the Christmas decorations we suggest buying an all-white tree or select a green tree that has ‘snow-capped’ branches.  Use white baubles, silver tinsel and silver lights and don’t forget silver lights on the hearth!  Add a few white candles and voila you have your own winter wonderland!
White and red

The great thing about white is that is goes with any colour.  Black and white is a classic but at Christmas white and green or white and red is perfect.  Let’s start with a gorgeous rug from our Brink & Campman Cross collection. This beautiful woven axminstered shaggy rug looks and feels luxurious, made with 100% New Zealand Wool, with a total weight of 5500 grams per square metre it’s the perfect accessory for the hearth.
Brink & Campman Cross
Use white throws on the sofa again and red faux fur cushions to complete the look.  You won’t struggle to find red accessories at this time of year and so purchase red candles on the fireplace, red garlands on the walls and why not treat yourself to a new red lamp.
Your tree, whether real or artificial, should be dripping in red and white trim, and again those silver lights will complement the white and red look.

With a bit of careful planning we can all enjoy a white Christmas! Happy Christmas everyone!


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The ultimate home shopping experience

Bringing the FrithRugs shopping experience to your door

 As Christmas approaches many people decide to freshen up a room especially if they are planning to entertain, family, friends or neighbours.

As you know, one of the quickest and easiest ways to give any room a new look is with the addition of new soft furnishings such as rugs, cushions, curtains and throws but sometimes pulling the room décor together can be very tricky. 

Are you sure that red rug is the same shade as your red curtains?  Will those cushions complement or clash with that shaggy rug?

We have always tried hard to help customers with their purchase decisions. We encourage people to bring in fabric swatches so they can confirm colours and shades and offer the chance to see some rugs in various 3D room sets on our website and now we have moved our customer service to a whole new level by introducing a ‘Bring to Home’ service which we believe our customers will really appreciate.

This new facility means we can bring a selection of rugs to your home and so allow you to see how the rug you think you want actually looks in-situ. FrithRugs offer thousands of traditional and modern rugs and so when you do find yourself spoilt for choice in store or on line, we could bring you a selection of rugs to your door.

This service is currently only available within a 75 miles radius of our stores in North Wales, Staffordshire and Swindon and is only applicable to rugs sizes from 3.05m x 2.44m and over.  However, if the service proves to be as popular as we expect there is no reason why we can’t extend it further.

And so if you find yourself looking to purchase a new rug at any time of the year and after utilising all our services available to you online, give us a call and talk to us about our Bring to Home Service.  It could provide the perfect solution to your home décor dilemma.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Which 'Downton' century do you prefer?

With viewing figures of almost 10 million every week, there's no doubting the popularity of ITV's charming period drama Downton Abbey. And it appears that we are so fixated with the upstairs/downstairs lives of the 1920s characters that we are even starting to copy how they dress themselves and their homes.

Downton Series 4 shows how the deprivation of WWI and its aftermath has introduced a hedonistic approach to life, particularly for the younger generation who are embracing the new freedom offered by the 20th century. And as we watch this latest series of Downton, we ask: do you prefer the more traditional décor or it’s more up to date look?
19th century Downton
Homes in the Victorian era were characterised by imitation and reproduction. This eclectic mix of styles was complemented by excessive ornamentation, heavily upholstered furniture, flock, damask or water silk wallpapers, highly patterned fabrics, ornate fireplaces and detailed mouldings including large ceiling roses.

Popular colours were rich and dark such as ruby reds and forest greens and these could also be found in rugs and carpets.  The Victorians would often lay patterned carpets on the floor but leave a border of polished floorboard. Traditional Indian or Persian rug patterns were popular especially if they had faded grandeur.  You can often see examples of these rugs in the formal rooms of Downton and at the real Highclere Castle.  Don’t forget your hall runners - which would be found on the Victorian stairs and in their hallways.   Look for ones in  plain colours such as red or green or in a similar traditional pattern.  
We think there is a lot to be said for the timeless elegance of this particular look which really seems to epitomise what we think a British stately home or grand house should look like and Lord Grantham and his generation would approve of these familiar trappings.

20th century Downton

However, with George V on the throne and the horrors of the war behind them a new generation is ringing the changes. It’s out with the stuffy and in with the sophisticated.  No longer is every surface covered in ornaments, instead we can expect to see sleek minimalism with any objet d’art in a geometric or angular shape and often chrome or glass.  Fireplaces are rectangular and bold with a stepped profile, walls are plain without a ceiling rose in sight. Colours are bold with silver, black and white particularly popular.

The floor will be plain polished parquet or linoleum in abstract designs and overlaid with a large rug in geometric patterns, or you may see a circular rug as the centrepiece to the room.
This is the look preferred by Lady Mary and her generation – but what about you?  Would you dress your home in the more traditional styles so popular of the 19th century or would you be looking to modernise with the designs of the 1920s?  Whatever your style, has plenty of design choices to suit your style.



Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Great Looks inspired by the Great Gatsby  

The release of one of the movies for 2013 has resulted in a revived interest in the clothes and décor of the decadent 1920s.

The Great Gatsby, Scott Fitzgerald’s opulent tale highlighting the garish society of the roaring twenties, has seen us enthralled, not just by the storyline, but also with the hairstyles, costumes and interior design of the period.

This was an exciting decade for fashion and as is often the case, revolutionary fashion is often reflected in the home too.  As women showed their ankles for the first time and bobbed their hair, interior design styles such as Bauhaus was making an impact and art deco became the new style for the sophisticated.

In the home, flooring is likely to have been polished parquet or lino in the black and white chequerboard design.  These would then be overlaid with large rugs, often circular, which would become the focus of the room, and help zone areas of interest.

FrithRugs offers a dazzling array of circular rugs featuring modern as well as traditional design. Our handmade round rugs can be custom-made to your exact specifications, making these even more adaptable to your own home and 1920s design.
Nourison Ashton House Rug Design NAS001, NAS001, Blue,
The traditional was making way for a new style of geometric and angular shapes. This
black and cream geometric rug design is perfect for anyone looking to recreate that look in their own home and it sits well with the chrome and glass which was replacing walnut and rosewood.

Balck and white also complements the new images of cruise liners and skyscrapers which ousted the gothic ornate bust and sombre family prints.  Accessories were kept to a minimum with one or two very strong pieces rather than the clutter so beloved of the Victorians. 

Safaris and travel to exotic destinations were also popular and so people were keen to inject some exotic touches from their travels into their home.  This Leopard Animal Print Indian Rug design suggests the thrill of the hunt and would have been used with other animal ornaments and art.
So to summarise:  1920s style is a look that still works well today and it’s easy to recreate it in your own home with a minimal, clean look and just a couple of well-chosen accessories such as a geometric or circular rug, glass furniture, metallic artwork and plain walls. 


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

An Oriental rug is the perfect starting point for your Asian style room

As the UK’s largest retailer of Oriental rugs and carpets we know that Asian style continues to be a major influence in British homes.  This week is Chinese New Year (February 10th) and so what better way to celebrate than transforming a room in your home into a peaceful retreat.

Simplicity and elegance are the bywords for developing a chinoiserie style in the home.  Remember, with this home decorating idea you are trying to create a look that is peaceful and relaxing and so it is really important to choose your pieces very carefully.
The Chinese love striking, bold colours like red (which symbolises good fortune and joy), green (for health and harmony) and black (which correspond to water, and is a neutral color).  Black and white together is used often as they represent yin and yang – the interconnection of opposites.

As a good starting point, invest in a large Oriental rug which will be the focal point for the room.  You can use the colours found in the rug to help you co-ordinate other accessories, but first you have to choose the rug itself.

You may decide on a bold Chinese rug dragon design but if you have a dramatic pattern like this don’t overdo it elsewhere.


There are more subtle designs available which still have an obvious Chinese influence and these can be used to blend and tone the rest of the room.

Or what about a going for gold? You can find rugs with elaborate gold patterns which would not look out of place in an Emperor’s palace.  If this is your choice go easy on the rest of the room’s pieces. 

Other Asian pieces will include fabrics which may be bamboo patterns or solid blocks of colour.   Lamps made of wood or bamboo will enhance the mood and a bamboo screen or dividers made from rice paper may be useful to help zone the room.
While you should not go overboard on other items you can still add a few well-chosen vases or some Chinese calligraphy wall art.

The resulting space should be the perfect place for you to chill out and fall into a meditative state of total relaxation.  And if you want to go one step further and balance the energies in your room -- you can also apply feng shui principles. But that’s another story…….

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Animal prints help you go wild at home!

Using animal print in the home has always been popular and with the launch of BBC One’s latest David Attenborough masterpiece – Africa, we’ve decided to share our ideas about how best to incorporate animal prints into your interior design scheme.

Classic prints include leopard, tiger, zebra, giraffe and cheetah and you should ensure you select your favourite print, such as leopard and stick with that.  Don’t, for example, use a leopard throw with a tiger rug.   In fact the one golden rule about using these prints is to use sparingly!  Less is definitely more as too much and your room can go from sophisticated to tacky very quickly.  

One of the easiest ways to introduce animal print is with the introduction of a rug.  This animal print area rug can be your main focus with just a few other items around the room – such as a couple of cushions or some discerning pieces such as a vase or lamp.

The great things about animal print rugs is that they work well in any room – including the dining room, bedroom, home office and even in a bathroom. This is because they are really versatile and sit well in both a modern and traditional environment as either the focus of a room or as an accent rug.

There are lots of animal print home accessories available including wallpapers – but again use sparingly.  One wall, probably the smallest in the room, is enough to make a statement.  If you have got a tiger wall, ensure the other walls are light and plain.

Animal prints can be a safe bet for people who are a little nervous about interior design as the prints themselves set the theme. Thanks to their bold design which has been perfectly selected by Mother Nature herself, once you introduce a few animal prints, people will automatically assume you have design flair!

The BBC Africa crew spent four years making this outstanding series – but we’ve shopped around to find a few classic pieces that should transform your home a lot quicker.   Browse the internet yourself to find your wild side.  RugsAnimal prints help you go wild at home below are available from

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