Monday, 21 August 2017

Make neutral beautiful

Our Sophie collection makes neutral beautiful

Here at FrithRugs we love our bold, bright, colourful rugs but we also appreciate, that for many people, home should be a peaceful and tranquil retreat.  Sometimes all you need is neutral and that doesn't mean boring - have you seen our Sophie range?

Essentially, we have taken the idea of neutral and made it beautiful!   The collection features rugs with high/low pile which really brings life and character to the designs and makes them the ideal rug for both modern and traditional interiors.

The collection has taken a typical neutral colour palette of creams and beiges and added a unique twist by adding texture and pattern so that these rugs, while ensuring a calm and peaceful space - also add interest to the room.

To ensure the rest of the room maintains that peaceful environment keep your room tidy – physical clutter will impact on the mind and so make sure you create spaces where you can sweep anything you don’t need, out of the way.

Lighting is also a great mood enhancer so opt for lights that you can dim if possible and place lamps strategically around the room. 

Finally, add in some element of nature, whether that’s plants or fresh flowers – stones or pieces of wood in ornaments or furniture.

And ........ relax.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Introduce a touch of India at home

Very fine Indo Persian rug 

Well summer is officially almost at an end and at this time of year, many people will be hoping for an Indian summer.

Here at FrithRugs, the home of traditional rugs, we know that Indian designs remain bang on trend whatever the time of year. If you want a touch of India at home, one of the quickest and easiest ways to introduce a flavour of India to any room is with the addition of an Indian rug.

India is a hugely diverse nation and so it stands to reason there is not really one single style that will reflect it.  With a culture that is thousands of years old, it’s not difficult to introduce Indian influences - there are such a lot to choose from and as the home of traditional rugs, you will find lots of Indian collections and designs to choose from.

Traditional rugs

From the exceptional detail found in our Fine Indo Persian collection rugs for the discerning buyer, to the Keshan collection which uses designs from original Persian patterns and are available in convenient hall runners as well as a variety of sizes and specifications.  Browse our collections to find a rug to suit your home.

Modern rugs

And we haven’t forgotten those who want a more modern Indian rug.  We have a collection of bold, bright Kelims which complement the block colours found in our Dhurrie flat weave rugs, both collections feature wool woven onto cotton.  The dazzling colours found in these rugs have been inspired by Holi, 'The Festival of Colours', which is celebrated by people smearing each other with primary coloured powder and dye.

In fact, India is all about colour.  We love all the colours found in our Indian rugs - they remind us of the spices that India is so famous for.  Bright red, burnt orange, sunny yellow, it’s not hard to reinvigorate a boring British lounge with an exotic taste of India.  Once you have your rug in-situ, select a couple of colours from that and use it to add a couple more Indian pieces.

Perhaps the classic Buddha, or some paisley patterned cushions and throws on the sofa?  Don’t forget some well-placed metal hanging lamps or tea light holders and some hand painted elephant ornaments.

Now you can enjoy your very own Indian summer! 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Add a splash of colour

Our Vibrance collection will add a splash of colour to any room
In this blog you will find some suggestions about how to add a splash of colour to your room.

Summer is here and with a riot of colour outside – flowers in full bloom, glorious sun rises, blue skies, and so on, even the most magnolia minds can understand why injecting a shot of colour can enhance your interiors.

Accessories are a great way to introduce colour and it’s a quick and easy way to give your room a new lease of life without too much upheaval.  The great thing about using accessories is that they are relatively inexpensive and you can either keep your room colourful all year round, or you can pack them away for the winter and re-introduce them again next year.

Here at FrithRugs, we obviously have more than a soft spot for starting with a lovely rug for that colour boost, and you can complement the theme with throws, cushions, floor cushions, poufs, lighting and artwork.  You could go wild and use lots of different primary colours around the room - or, just choose one or two colours that you like, blue, oranage and yellow are lovely for summer - and select your accessories accordingly.

Our most colourful rug collection has to be Vibrance which will add a riot of colour into any room - and you select one of these rugs and it is sure to be the focal point.  If, however, you prefer a block of colour on the floor our Gabbeh collection is a good starting point.

And because its summer don’t forget to bring the outside in with some fabulously floral displays – their scent and their brightness will lift your mood even further. 

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