Thursday, 12 December 2013

We're dreaming of a white Christmas!

Whether you like snow or not, most people will agree that a bit of the white stuff at Christmas really helps us get in the festive mood.  But you don’t have to wait for the weather to turn,  because you can create a white Christmas of your own - indoors.
A white interior scheme can be perfect all year round but remember it is probably not practical if you have small children or animals.  One of the great things about white is that it is a colour with lots of different shades and tones and so you are sure to find the right white for you. From brilliant white to ivory, from cream to vanilla and dozens more, white it never boring.
White works really well with the various Christmas decorations around at the moment including the metallics, found in baubles, natural products such as logs and s and Christmas trees and it is also the perfect backdrop for vibrant colours such as the ever popular Christmas red.
You will need to decide whether you are going to make white the whole focus of your room or whether you want to use it with a feature colour.
White Out!

For the complete white look we suggest starting your design scheme with a large white rug such as a shaggy Flokati rug.  These are graded by the weight of the wool (in grams) per square meter and we have different grades ranging from 1,500g to 3,000g. The more wool present in a rug, the heavier it is and the heavier it is, the higher the grade.


Our gorgeous Flokati rugs
If you don’t have white sofas and chairs, it’s easy enough to use throws and lovely white cushions to change their look but use different tactile fabrics such as cable knits, suede and faux fur your accessories as this will help to give the look more interest.  For other occasional furniture like a coffee table for example opt for blonde or natural wood. 

For the Christmas decorations we suggest buying an all-white tree or select a green tree that has ‘snow-capped’ branches.  Use white baubles, silver tinsel and silver lights and don’t forget silver lights on the hearth!  Add a few white candles and voila you have your own winter wonderland!
White and red

The great thing about white is that is goes with any colour.  Black and white is a classic but at Christmas white and green or white and red is perfect.  Let’s start with a gorgeous rug from our Brink & Campman Cross collection. This beautiful woven axminstered shaggy rug looks and feels luxurious, made with 100% New Zealand Wool, with a total weight of 5500 grams per square metre it’s the perfect accessory for the hearth.
Brink & Campman Cross
Use white throws on the sofa again and red faux fur cushions to complete the look.  You won’t struggle to find red accessories at this time of year and so purchase red candles on the fireplace, red garlands on the walls and why not treat yourself to a new red lamp.
Your tree, whether real or artificial, should be dripping in red and white trim, and again those silver lights will complement the white and red look.

With a bit of careful planning we can all enjoy a white Christmas! Happy Christmas everyone!


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