Monday, 28 July 2014

Wish you were here?

What do you love best about your holiday?  Well, we do like to be beside the seaside so maybe it’s waking up to the crashing waves?  Perhaps it’s just being able to relax on the beach - there’s nothing quite like the feel of golden grains of sand between your toes. Or maybe it’s just being able to enjoy the warm sun on your face and forgetting all about the usual pressures of daily life.

So wouldn’t it be great to be able to create these moods in your own home?  Here we highlight some of our favourite rugs which will allow you to create a holiday home all year round.
I do like to be beside the seaside

Studies have shown that people who live beside the sea are generally a lot happier than urbanites so let’s try and harness those good vibes at home.  A lot of our holiday good mood comes from light and so having reflective, shiny surfaces will help bounce light around a room and pale window dressings such a voile, will maximise what natural sunlight we have. 
Shades of white are often associated with the nautical look and when you break this up with areas of blue it’s going to look stunning.  However, don’t go overboard (forgive the pun!) - one of these blue rugs and perhaps a blue throw or even a small blue feature wall should be plenty.  You could even introduce a classic holiday item like a deck chair to really get you in the mood.

Sand between your toes

Close your eyes and remember what it feels like to be on your favourite beach.  As well as miles and miles of golden sand there are lots of  other colours including of course a blue sea, charcoal rocks and grey gulls.  This colour palette works really well all year round.  And if you want to recreate the beach look at home, pale yellow, cream, black, grey, blue and charcoal should be top of your list.  Again, it’s all about the light so keep windows as uncluttered as possible.  Accessorise with natural wood, rocks, pebbles, shells and why not highlight one corner of your room with a beautifully lit fish tank?
Feel the warmth of the sun

Shades of yellow, red and orange are perfect for people who love the warmth of the sun.  Take a look at a colour chart and pick those shades the complement each other.  For example a bright Moroccan orange would work well with a more subdued terracotta and these shades are lovely and warming in the winter as well as throughout the summer.  Go for a couple of very bold and bright accessories like these rugs and choose fabulous mood lighting to create your own sun rise and sun set.  Better still have your favourite sunshine photographs made into canvas wall art.

Even if you can’t afford a holiday there’s no reason why, one corner or one room of your house can’t become your 356 day holiday retreat.  A place to go for some good mood vibes whenever you feel you need it.



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