Monday, 15 September 2014

All eyes to the floor at Downton

Like the rest of the nation we are thrilled that Downton Abbey is coming back to our screens.  In fact, we have already watched the trailer on the ITV website - although our attention was largely on the floor.  As the UK biggest rug retailer renowned for our traditional rugs - what else would you expect?

The saloon

In the trailer you can see Downton’s saloon which is also the real saloon at Highclere Castle which would have been the social heart of the home.  The huge rug set in front of the impressive fireplace is typical of those found around British stately homes where a large rug would be laid over either an older carpet or hard floor.  The rich, vibrant colours of these rugs along with their hard wearing properties make them the ideal choice for these entertainment spaces.
The fabulous large rug shown is probably of Indo Persian origin like this one below which you will find in our handknotted Indo-Persian Keshan collection.

Downton (or Highclere House) like many historic homes started buying imported Oriental, Indian and Persian rugs during the 19th century when the British Empire was booming.  Some believe the demand for these rugs was due to the Shah of Persia gifting several of them to Queen Victoria and so starting a trend for the aristocracy to have this ‘must have’ accessory in their stately homes and castles.

Today these exquisite rugs are not just the preserve of the very rich and sit as well in a modern environment as they do in a period home.  If you have a big house, FrithRugs offer these designs as large rugs as show above - but for those of us who live in more modest homes - we have plenty of standard sizes too.
Circular rugs

Another popular feature of the grand British home is the circular rug - take a look at the music room at Highclere Castle and you will see an Oriental rug which is used as the display for a beautiful occasional table.  The rug, which is very similar to this
Premier Super Washed Chinese design, draws the eye immediately and becomes the centrepiece of the room.  We think these rugs work best in larger rooms, dining rooms or a lovely spacious hallway.
The study

Highclere Castle has a smoking room and while we don’t get a lot of call from customers asking for rugs to suit their smoking room - we do however, get asked to recommend suitable rugs for a study.  If you are looking for a similar rug to the one found at Highclere, you will love this Indo Persian Shervan design.  
This rug reproduces the original Indian design and the vibrancy of the red really stands out.  This little beauty will sit well in both a traditional gentleman’s study or a modern home office and will give your work space a lovely warmth.
So when you are getting comfy on the sofa and drinking in the sumptuous interiors of Downton Abbey - remember where to come for your very own hint of the nation’s favourite house style.

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