Sunday, 18 October 2015

#Downton Glamour

We’re hooked on Downton again and millions of viewers are caught up in the shameless nostalgia of a bygone era - 1925.  And it’s no wonder we have fallen in love with the clothes, the fashions and the decor of the 1920s - it’s such a super stylish decade. 

And although we love the look of Downton Abbey as it is, we did wonder how it might change if Lady Mary was in charge.

Well no doubt she would be introducing geometric and angular patterns to the main rooms. And as the European grand tour had been replaced by the Safari, animal print had also been introduced to the homes of the fashionable and wealthy for the first time.

(The tiger rug is an Indian rug All of the other rugs can be found in our modern rug section of the website.

Hard wood flooring would be overlaid with rugs particularly featuring geometrics designs and circular rugs were also really popular and would probably become a feature in the hallway.   

Lady Mary might also move the Georgian furniture out of the way to replace it with chrome and glass and she would also take down the dark drapes and replace them with metallic fabrics to complement the new style.

Walls would be plain and high gloss, rather than heavily patterned and she would probably ask Carson to box up all those ornaments and bits and pieces and store them in the attic while she replaced them with just a couple of minimal statement pieces.

What would grand mama say?

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