Sunday, 16 December 2018

All eyes on the dining room

Whether you are a family of 2 or 22, chances are at special times of the year like this, it’s all eyes on the dining room.  Even if your dining room is rarely used, when it comes to special events, sitting in front of the telly with a meal on your knee just won’t cut it.

Transforming your dining room into a celebratory space does not have to take up too much time – or money.  If this is a room that is rarely used, it may have become a dumping ground for family bits and pieces and so one of the first things to do will be de-clutter and clean. 

 The next thing to do is to consider a theme that will work with your existing décor and the most obvious thing to use as a starting point is the colour.  If you have a neutral colour palette then keep your theme natural and avoid bright colours.  Fill a bowl or vase with glass baubles and pine cones and use this as your main table dressing.  This neutral rug will maintain the theme as well as adding depth and warmth to the floor.

If you have a bold colour theme then enhance it with table dressings of candy canes in a glass vase complemented with red and white baubles.  You don’t need to buy expensive table napkins or tablecloths as you can find lovely bright colours in the paper versions which are ideal for a one off occasion.  To ensure your flooring matches the rest of the room, this rug is just the ticket.

If your existing décor is moor dark and atmospheric you can continue the drama with lots of candles and dress the table with fresh foliage, dark baubles and ribbons.  This purple rug will add to the mood.

Enjoy your meal!

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