Friday, 25 January 2019

How to use the colour of 2019

Each year the colour experts at Pantone release their colour and colour palette which inspired both fashion and interior designers.
This year the Colour of the Year or COY is ‘Living Coral’ which is described a ‘shade that signals a shift towards optimism’ and as being ‘welcoming and encouraging light-hearted activity.’
If you are a follower of fashion the trick with any trend is careful interpretation – particularly when it comes to your home.  This colour is warm which means it will work well as an accent colour and would be best used in ‘flashes’ around your room in rugs, curtains and cushions.  It will be a brave man or woman who would use Living Coral in excess in one particular room – but if you have the confidence and design flair to pull it off – go for it.

Pantone has kindly provided a range of colour palettes that show us how to use the Living Coral with another colour.  In Shimmering sunset for example, it pulls together pinks, magenta and yellow shades, taking inspiration from the sky.  This would work in a feminine bedroom and even a bathroom.
The Sympatico colour harmonies include darker shades such as burnt henna and sand – this is suited to a more masculine bedroom or a living room.
For people who love bright colours, Trippy, uses yellow and blues with Living Coral which would be great for a kitchen or playroom.
Our rugs that best represent the Living Coral theme include some taken from our modern Vibrance collection featuring a wavy design that evokes memories of the seaside, a If you prefer a subtler pattern the plain carved Chinese rug will make it easy to accessorise with other pieces.  Meanwhile, traditionalists can include Living Coral with this Premier superwashed Chinese rug.
Have fun introducing Living Coral into your home this year.

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